OTT Community Picks: Top 3 Best Solo Tabletop Games

August 22, 2022 by fcostin

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Are you a solo adventurer? Do you appreciate your own imagination as a delightful companion through each tabletop crusade? Whether you like taking on a journey wielding simply a pen, a series of miniatures or the game-provided resources, solo experiences can offer a completely different adventure. Just you, yourself and the AI.

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Community Picks // Solo Tabletop Games

When playing a board game - I enjoy the practice aspect. This usually comes without interference from opponents and allows me to learn the rules and mechanics on my own terms and within my own time limit. I can get my head around memorising conditions, get a feel for each character and overall provide myself with a stress-free experience - even when placed against an evil AI! Plus, I get a chance to learn the rules and will be equipped to fill in any other player looking to expand the experience with me.

Over on the Cult Of Games Discord Server when chatting amongst the community I posed the question, "What Are Your Best Tabletop Solo Experiences?". Amongst the members, a whole bunch of recommendations flew in! From @Demonsub's recommendation for Five Leagues from the Borderlands to @Jamescutts' recommendation for Too Fat Lardies' solo gameplay options. With plenty of top guidance and council from the good peeps in the community, if you are looking for your next solo campaign the OTTers have you covered.

Rangers Of Shadow Deep

We're no stranger to a Joseph McCullough title over here at OTT. Rangers Of Shadow Deep was one of the first to crop up in the discussion from @Arloid and @Demonsub.

Rangers of Shadow Deep - Joseph A McCullogh

Rangers Of Shadow Deep Core Book // Joseph A McCullough

This game is to be enjoyed as either a solo or cooperative fantasy miniatures game where you will be taking control of a ranger in a world dying to darkness. You will journey alongside a band of companions who are happy to assist you in your missions and quests. This means you could bring a band of knights, hounds, templars and barbarians to protect you as you undertake your mighty cause.

The ranger is rightfully comfortable in said darkness, venturing into the shadows to collect information, rescue civilians and harass the plans of the enemy. Across a 125-page book, players will be starting at the very beginning, creating their character whilst bolstering spells and abilities and arranging companions to join you through each savage assignment.

Mission One Preview - Rangers Of Shadow Deep

Mission One Preview // Rangers Of Shadow Deep

The world of Shadow Deep is in absolute terror. Dying and rotting in darkness and consuming shadow, it is up to the players to make their way into its shadowy heart as you look to hold back the terrors approaching. You can level up by gaining experience across one large overarching campaign. Or if you'd rather a more casual output - each scenario can be adapted to be a self-contained one-off experience.

Heading off into different dangerous and detailed assignments, the ranger will be provided with a number of points to start recruiting. As the story develops, the characters will grow in level and ability alongside the quests you undertake. Hoping to push back against the decay in their kingdom, you will be seeking to ultimately defeat the Shadow Deep in a series of raids and missions behind enemy lines.

Rangers of Shadow Deep - Menagerie

Blood Moon // Rangers Of Shadow Deep

You can snag yourself the core book both in physical and digital formats. Whether that be at your FLGS or via DriveThruRPG, the core book, mini-expansions and additional scenarios are also ready to indulge in too!

Cultist 1 - Rangers of Shadow Deep - North Star Military Figs

Cultist - Rangers Of Shadow Deep // North Star Military Figures

If you are on the hunt for some miniatures, you can get yourself the official models from North Star Miniatures which include rangers, monsters and companions. Or, you could pull together your own band of misfits - given the miniature agnostic nature of the game - with the miniatures already in your possession.

Five Parsecs From Home

Looking to head off on a whirlwind Sci-Fi adventure amongst the stars? Grab your crew and travel Five Parsecs From Home in a solo experience with @Demonsub. Face masses of alien encounters, and a job to progress. You can ambitiously adventure off on your next contract in the Firefly-like RPG-lite skirmish wargame.

Five Parsecs From Home - Modiphius

Five Parsecs From Home // Modiphius Entertainment

Players will have a whole host of narrative adventures to dive into, enlisting a captain for your ship and a rag-tag crew that draws from a wide selection of alien species and races. Each of them is uniquely different. Each member of the crew will also have a set of specialities and abilities which can be showcased in the midst of the action or outside of battle.

Entrusted with a whole host of different tasks to rake in some intergalactic credit you will maybe head to your local bar to listen in to the counter-bound gossip as you hunt down the next-big score of loot. Heading across different planets for different job opportunities, these leads will become your main and prime objective in the game until completed. Each of them provides objectives and a briefing of enemies and battle conditions you'll be facing.

Back Of The Core Book - Five Parsecs From Home

Core Book (Rear) // Five Parsecs From Home

As much as some of your crew may enjoy a space-filled adventure, some of them may just be present to earn some cash to survive. It's a harsh universe out there. The path of missions in front of them will be sure to affect each member and you'll have to consider PTSD and injury when it comes to missions and encounters as well as the overall health of the crew. Sometimes, they may not even come back!

However, completing each mission provided by patrons will reap benefits for your crew, without the obvious raking in of loot, players will see a rise in skill and traits the more they experience. You might even get a chance to hire a new crew member!

Terrain Rules Preview - Five Parsecs From Home

Terrain Rules Preview // Five Parsecs From Home

The game is miniatures agnostic and only requires a small bundle of miniatures to build your crew. This means that you will not need to spend a whole host of cash on miniatures to play the game - simply use the terrain and miniatures you have to hand. No matter what size or what they might look like, so long as they fit on the 3x3 table, you'll be fine. Just six miniatures for the crew and a handful for the enemy encounters ahead are what's required. Alongside the miniatures, players will also need a handful of six-sided and ten-sided dice, and a pen for bookkeeping purposes.

Although Five Parsecs From Home has been built for solo play if you wanted to recruit another player for some battle-centric space adventures you can enlist friends for cooperative play and some additional backup. There are some difficult scenarios baked into the core book, with five different difficulty settings - proving that there are some tough and brutal jobs to attend to.

Artwork Preview - Five Parsecs From Home

Artwork Preview // Five Parsecs From Home

The story for Five Parsecs From Home has not been written. That is for your band of space wasters to write. It comes down to just you, your crew and a whole host of deep space to discover and explore.

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare

Heading out solo into the apocalyptic wasteland is a brave task. Yet, @darkdanegan has invited players brave enough to wrestle a radioactive mutant to join them in Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. Pitched for one to two players, those brave enough to enter alone will be assembling their own crew plucked straight from the Fallout video games franchise to endure fierce combat and narrative missions across the Wasteland.

2 Player Starter Set - Fallout Wasteland Warfare

Two-Player Starter Set // Fallout: Wasteland Warfare

Pulling in a team from a variety of different factions and allies, players will be enduring harsh battles bringing between three and thirty 32mm miniatures together for absolute carnage. Drawing inspiration from the newer Bethesda takeover the game looks at the likes of Fallout 3, Fallout 4 and New Vegas. Players will be recruiting the likes of Dogmeat, Deathclaws and The Brotherhood of Steel.

Although the game does have the flexibility to be played either in PVP or cooperative affairs, the AI can step in to fill the absence or lack of additional players. The setup of the game is exactly the same as it would be if there were two involved - however, you will need to set up the AI cards, weaponry and units and deploy them across the map via tokens suggested by the scenario. Tokens will be flipped at random, and then activated to engage you.

Rules of Play PDF - Fallout Wateland Warfare

Rules Of Play PDF // Fallout: Wasteland Warfare

If you are interested in the rules, the PDF is free to download over on the Modiphius website here. This will gear you up and prepare you for any hostile takeover, prepping players with the fundamentals including gameplay and rules, a dive into model assembly and painting and a deep dive into weaponry and combat. Taking that one step further, once you are happy with the overarching rules the "Getting Acclimated" free download will provide a few basic scenarios to get you started. All of this is to ease you into the savage environment of the Wasteland before wandering off alone.

Into The Wasteland Scenario Book - Fallout Wasteland Warfare

Into The Wasteland Scenario Book // Fallout: Wasteland Warfare

With these two downloaded, you'll be equipped to endure the wrath of Sanctuary Hills, Red Rocket and every Nuka Cola vending machine passed. The next download, the Scenario Book, completely immerses players and will ensure that you're not completely helpless. It comes with an introduction to place solo/AI play for your game - incorporating more of a narrative style as opposed to a two-player clash.

Deathclaw Matriarch Preview // Fallout Wasteland Warfare

Deathclaw Matriarch Preview // Fallout Wasteland Warfare

Modiphiuis Games are incredibly supportive of their titles, working closely with Bethesda to bring the life and death of Fallout to the tabletop. With fresh releases each month, including this month's releases of the Deathclaw Matriarch, a solo adventure for the Wasteland Warefare RPG, and a ton of STL files for a pop-up Brotherhood of steel encampment they really are on the ball.

Wandering the wasteland for gear and loot is for the brave. Make sure to bring a whole host of iconic PVC miniatures (unless you would like some multipart resin miniatures instead) alongside the Two-Player Starter Set and you will be fit to explore Fallout on the tabletop.

Have you indulged in these titles above in a solo capacity and what were your experiences like? Are they as Modiphius-heavy as our input? Be sure to let us know in the comments and share your stand-out solo experiences - whether that be miniatures games, RPGs or board games!

Drop your comments below!

"With plenty of top tier guidance and council from the good peeps in the community, when looking for your next solo experience, the OTTers have you covered..."

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