Eastern Front Starter Sets Arriving Soon For Flames Of War

August 17, 2022 by brennon

Battlefront Miniatures will soon be releasing their collection of Starter Sets for Flames Of War and their new Mid-War Eastern Front range. This means four sets of 15mm World War II miniatures focused on Infantry and Tank heavy options for the Germans and Soviets.

Iron Cross AUG - Flames Of War

Iron Cross // Flames Of War

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We've had a peek at these sets before but it's worth showcasing them again as they offer up some great ways to get started. As someone who likes the infantry side of Flames Of War and the way that looks on a 15mm tabletop, I do like the Iron Cross (above) and Enemy At The Gates (below) sets.

Enemy At The Gates AUG - Flames Of War

Enemy At The Gates // Flames Of War

Both of these sets offer up a whole host of infantry for you to use when starting out. So, as you battle through tightly packed streets and come up against ambush after ambush, you'll have plenty more soldiers to throw into the meat grinder.

Inside the German set, you'll find a Grenadier Company HQ, two Grenadier Platoons, Sniper Team, four MG34 HMG Teams, four 5cm Anti-Tank Guns, 4 10.5cm Howitzers and two 8.8cm AA Guns.

For the Soviet set, you've got a Hero Rifle Battalion HQ, two Hero Rifle Companies, two Sniper Teams, four 45mm Anti-Tank Guns, four 122mm Howitzers and two Katyusha Rocket Launchers.

On the tank side of things (the side that makes John happy), we have the Ghost Panzers...

Ghost Panzers AUG - Flames Of War

Ghost Panzers // Flames Of War

...and Red Banner collection.

Red Banner AUG - Flames Of War

Red Banner // Flames Of War

Once again, this offers up a pretty hefty array of options for both the Germans and the Soviets to use on the tabletop. Let's find out what's included with these sets!

The Germans get seven Panzer III, four Panzer IV, two StuG Assault Guns, two Hornisse Tank-Hunters, four Sd Kfz 251 Transports and then seven Infantry teams.

The Soviets net themselves six T-34 Tanks, four KV-1 Tanks, four T-70 Tanks, two SU-85 Tank-Killers, three BA-64 Armoured Cars and four 76mm Guns.

All of the sets come with the appropriate Unit Cards for all of the miniatures that have been included and you also get Start Here Booklets for the Germans and Soviets plus a pocket Rulebook for Flames Of War. A solid starting point.

Make sure to get stuck into the comments and tell us which set you'll be picking up!

"...you also get Start Here Booklets for the Germans and Soviets plus a pocket Rulebook for Flames Of War. A solid starting point"

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