First Flames Of War Berlin: German Releases Arrive This Week

April 11, 2023 by brennon

The first selection of Berlin: German releases are available this weekend for those looking to expand their options in the 15mm World War II wargame, Flames Of War. Things start off with the new book from Battlefront Miniatures.

Berlin German - Flames Of War AP

Berlin: German // Flames Of War

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As we mentioned last time around when looking at the upcoming releases for Berlin: German, this book will feature details on building up the German forces fighting on the Western and Eastern Front between January 1945 and May 1945. You'll also find new rules for making all sorts of different groups that fought during the period including the Berlin Battlegroup. There are also guides, new missions and some expanded night fighting rules.

These new rules are going to be handy once you've picked up the new German Starter Force for Flames Of War which is designed to match a Tank Training Company.

Tank Training Company - Flames Of War AP

Tank Training Company // Flames Of War

This set comes with a bunch of plastic miniatures representing Panther, Panzer IV, Hetzer, Panzer II, Tiger II, Wespe and also a Panzergrenadier Training Platoon. There are also some good ways for you to get going with Flames Of War including an A5 Rulebook, a Start Here Booklet, Decals and Unit Cards.

There are some fun tanks for you to play with here that runs from the small and nimble through to the hulking. You just have to try and find a way to hold off the Allies coming from the West and the Soviets that are breathing down your neck from the East.

Command & Unit Cards

Last but not least, you are also going to be getting your hands on two packs of cards which can be handy for making your army. The Command Cards are useful for those seeking to play around with the characters leading your force and also some more special rules that offer up ways to theme your army.

Berlin German Command Cards - Flames Of War

Berlin: German - Command Cards // Flames Of War

The Unit Cards do what they say on the tin. They are going to be good for quickly referencing the different units that you have on the tabletop.

Berlin German Unit Cards - Flames Of War

Berlin: German - Unit Cards // Flames Of War

This is a good core of releases for the start of the Berlin: German schedule. The next few weeks are going to be packed with new plastic kits and more for building up your German forces during the last few moments of World War II.

With all of the basics covered, could you be tempted to dive into Berlin: German with a new army?

"This is a good core of releases for the start of the Berlin: German schedule..."

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