Weekender: Hot Wire Terrain Crafting & 4Ground’s Urban Buildings

December 5, 2015 by lloyd

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Join us for an awesome Weekender where we talk about our Boot Camp experience and fun with hot wires! Honestly, it's not as dangerous as it sounds!

Weekender Age of Sigmar Shattered World Table

Team Yankee Boot Camp

We catch you guys up on everything that happened at the Team Yankee Boot Camp last weekend and what kind of things we got up to.

If you'd like to go and explore through our content from the three days then we have three Live Blog posts which you can check out.

We had a lot of fun and it was fantastic engaging with the community both at the Boot Camp and on the internet throughout.

There are three winners of those awesome Two Player Starter Bundles so listen out for your names!

4Ground 15mm Urbanzone Buildings

4Ground have upscaled their work on Sci-Fi and Modern style buildings with the Urbanzone which would be great for all manner of different theatres of war.

We show them off under the camera and talk about how we'd use them in game. I think you could create a wonderful cityscape with these where the press of the buildings makes for a claustrophobic environment.

We have prize winners for this too who won an Iapygian Starter Set so keep an ear to the ground.

Hot Wire Foam Factory

If you caught the VLOG this week then you'll have seen us testing out the Hot Wire Cutters from Foam Factory. Well, we now bring you our little demonstration on them to Frontstage where we talk about how we might use them.

Plans are to make a big Age Of Sigmar table in the new year which has some awesome floating islands!

We'd love to know what you think of this technique for shaping terrain and if you have any examples of what you've done with the medium post them in the forums.

Prize Claims

If you were one of the lucky ones and grabbed yourself one of the prizes we mentioned then go here to Claim Your Prize.

Join Backstage With A Free Trial To Watch XLBS Tomorrow

We hope you have a wonderful weekend of hobbying and gaming!

See you on Sunday!

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