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    I’ve finally finished painting something! I’ve been pretty much off painting for the past 6 months but I’ve finally completed my Human BB team, which from start to finish has taken just over 9 months. Babies are produced quicker than that. Hopefully I can use this as inspiration to keep going! I’ve put the pictures up on a project thread I have.

    “What’s that Bob, more Blood Bowl?”. “It sure looks like it Jim.”



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    @redvers – great work! Only nine months? You’re like some kind of demon speed painter in my book! Just seven years to get all your teams painted? You’re an inspiration! I wish I could paint my teams so quickly (genuinely, my 2nd ed Blood Bowl was from around 1989 and I still have only one *completely painted* team of 16 minis)


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    @lawnor Never heard of Aeon Tresspass but you’ve done a cracking job at them

    @scribbs Love the Napoleonics, each one is individual but they still look like an army. lovely



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    @blinky465 “my 2nd ed Blood Bowl was from around 1989 and I still have only one *completely painted* team of 16 minis”

    That’s more than I ever managed. Mine are all still unpainted in box – you would have thought I could have found time to apply some paint over the years. I’ve also got some metal human players that my dad bought me around the same time. I started to paint them, stopped for 30 years, stripped the paint off and started painting them again. Might get them finished soon, I’m on a roll!


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    @beardragon14 Thanks very much. I like to paint my Napoleonic infantry with a bit of a campaign look rather than parade ground perfect matching uniforms, so these models with all the extra details are very nice. Adds a bit of time to the painting mind, but I think the results are worth it.

    Great to see everyone else’s progress, some great looking models getting done 👍


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    Great work on Kingdom death & Aeon Tresspass @lawnor

    @scribbs & @redvers great work on the napolenonic and bloodbowl respectively

    I’ve been working my way through some star war legion boxes, I’ve put the progress in here:

    So far I’ve managed:

    • 4 squads of B1 droids
    • 2 B1 droid upgrade packs
    • Obi-wan
    • Operative Luke
    • Operative Vader
    • 2 BARC speeders
    • 1 squad of storm troopers
    • 1 storm trooper upgrade pack
    • BX Commando droids
    • Inferno squad

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    It’s ben a while since I posted pics here, but I’ve finally got something to show.  I’ve completes the “Paint Aeon Trespass minis before I need them” goal.  All the game pieces are now finished!  Yay!

    ATO Group

    I also finally finished off  all the missions for Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion, so that’s a second goal finished.  I’m back painting a KDM minis for that goal, and I plan on demoing AT:O this week for another goal.  Progress is being made!

    Keep up the good work, everyone!



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    Fantastic stuff @lawnor well done for achieving some of your goals already and loving the MCP.  I hope everyone else is still managing to find some time to do some hobbying.  I’ve had some time off over Easter and am about 90% through painting some Spartans for Saga.  Recently I’ve finished their Theban opponents which you can see in more detail here and also a pirate cabin boy.  Currently at 129 minis painted so far this year.

    20230413_090644094_iOS (2)

    20230402_101713228_iOS (2)


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    As always some fantastic work on display.

    @lawnor …. not trying to be fawning and obsequious but mate, your work has moved up to another level. They are beautiful.

    @zoidpinhead. Lovely scenery piece, magnificent army and I can only guess at the size of the cabin boy  BUT man alive ! Yoy put stripes on THAT !?!  Splendid effort.

    To all posters, I remain as always in awe of and inpsired by your talents . Thanks.



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    Thank you.  I’ve been trying when I’m not fighting the model.  A lot of those ATO models were a bit of struggle and I was just trying to get them done.  Now Im back on top of my Pile of Shame I’m trying harder and getting better result.


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    “Try Aeon Trespass: Odyssey” pledge all done.  More details HERE.

    tutorial battle killTutorial map

    And more work done on the KDM pledges:


    Cult of Games Member

    Lovely Paint job. Simple palette yet effective. Well done @lawnor




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    Well been a bit tardy at recording where I am in this years pledges but have made some progress in the year so far:

    Carthaginians – finished the Carthaginian infantry and a Pachyderm – photos are in the project Anyone seen my Pachyderm

    War of Spanish Succession – completed the Garde and the Irish Infantry – just another Garde regiment  and a couple of line regiments and then a couple of squadrons of cavalry to do – photos Lee’s Irish Regiment and Guard Infantry that fought

    Started the French Indian Wars but not yet varnished and based.

    Overall need to step up the pace if I am going to beat last years figure count for painting.


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    With my unexpected MCP side project done I can finally get back to working on my pledge.  Here’s The Lonely Tree




    Gaming also gets me to paint. Painted six more Mantic ghouls for this “Five Leagues from the Borderlands” game. You need 12 or so mini’s for EACH set of enemies, though some miniatures can be used for more than one enemy (eg. goblins for bandits and goblins).

    We Were Too Late

    Another grim day on patrol. Those townsfolk are sure getting their gold mark’s worth. No mere encounter with a wandering traveler at all. Our objective was to investigate a river on our untrustworthy boat, and we saw smoke in the distance. A campsite of fellow adventurers, perhaps? But we spied as well some horrible carnivorous fiends, and not an uncorrupted man in sight. We got our crossbows ready, as our meager transport bumped aimlessly along the shores of the river…

    “Five Leagues from the Borderlands” Meeting Encounter with some Fiends.
    Map by Loke Battle Mats, Wilderness Map book. VTT mega-map KS coming.
    Campsite terrain by Archon, Elven Woods.
    Fiends are Mantic ghouls. Pain to assemble and scrape off mold lines.
    Corpses are “Tiny Furniture’s Harvest of War” miniatures. Sequel campaign coming!

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