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Shout out to Deep-Cut Studio

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    I recently purchased some Mats and I also wanted a bunch of the trees they have.  While I normally build my own, I needed some for a RoSD mission and I have a enough of a backlog of hobby projects to complete I just wanted something quick and easy.  (I am an essential worker so I did not have the down time of many and I am still working 10-12hrs a day)

    One of the tree sets did not come with the neoprene mats for the tree bases.

    I contacted them.  They responded quickly.  They asked what they could do to and I said I just wanted the mats.   They sent me the replacement and another one.   It took some time to arrive to the USA but they sent the items out as they said they would.

    I love their mats and have purchased them in past and will continue to do so.

    IMG_20200713_100311 (1)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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