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Wash eroding the paint?

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    I just washed a Em4 monopose Orc miniature that I had painted with Army Painter and Vallejo paints. Remebered that I forgot to paint the spear so I only washed one miniature. Turns out that was lucky. The wash seem to have “burnt through” or eroded (I think thats a word in english) the paint where it should have pooled. And the wash turned white. The wash was Army Painter Strong Tone. The bottle had been upside down for a while since it was starting to run out.

    Any one else have any experience of that? What went wrong?




    If it had been unused for a while it could have been a bit of a separation going on. I’m not familiar with those particular brands of paint, personally, but I have had some strange things happen with other paints that I forgot to give a good shake after not using for a while. Someone with better knowledge of the paint range might be able to give some further advice, though.



    I think CRC is right, it looks like the wash has separated and you’ve ended up with the medium pooling with no pigment. give it a stir or shake up and see if that fixes it.

    The other factor that it could be is something similar to frosting with varnishes, in which case if you applied it while it was very humid or cold you can see “frosting” if you brush a bit of gloss varnish over the white (or oil – cooking oil will do) if it vanishes then it was due to the environment. But I’ve used AP for several years now and haven’t hit this issue myself yet.


    Yeah, it probably has separated. I threw the bottle away, it was nearing its end anyway. Gave the Orc a repaint and opened a new bottle. The new one works fine.

    Thanks for your input!


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    Could be there is still release agent on the figure that means the primer hasn’t adhered properly and the wash is moving it



    If the new bottle worked fine then it’s good.

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    I’ve had this happen with Vallejo washes. I’m pretty sure it’s separation as suggested above.

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