Freebooter’s Pirates Call On A Goblin & A Walrus

March 9, 2016 by brennon

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Freebooter Miniatures have called on the aid of some more miscreants and strange creatures to aid them in their battles on the high seas. First up we have the pesky looking Chico who fights for the Goblin Pirates...


Yes, you are seeing this right - he is fighting with a pair of oar paddles. He is quite the dangerous little combatant and he actually has been coined the Paddler of Doom by his crew. I like the pose, as if he is in the middle of swinging those oars around, or stumbling around drunk of course.

Secondly we have the massive Franjo who is a monstrous Walrus who seeks to bring down foes from all manner of factions. As you can imagine he is quite a hefty fellow and would crush you with his bulk or drag you down with the hook.


What do you think of their latest crop of releases? Something that you can always say about Freebooter is that they do some superbly original pieces.

Let us know your thoughts below...

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