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Bayou Bash


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Tell Legendary Stories With Malifaux In The Month Of May


Wyrd Games have some more awesome releases for you to delve into for the month of May. Malifaux gets two new boxed sets for its 32mm scale skirmish game plus there is also a new expansion for those wanting to get more from Bayou Bash.

Wyrd Games Plot What’s Coming To Malifaux In November!


Wyrd Games have planned out what is going to be coming to the world of Malifaux in the month of November. With all of the spooky stuff already previewed, they are moving on to more gangs and by extension characters for you to use in your games.

Incoming Riotous Expansion For Bayou Bash In Hog Wild


The gremlin-centric race of chaos and dangers Bayou Bash will be getting a new expansion. New racers, game modes, terrain and extra chaos in Hog Wild.

Cause Carnage For Your Fans In Bayou Bash’s High Stakes Race! | Review


Free dives into the zany racing board game from Wyrd Games, Bayou Bash! Does it offer up an interesting alternative to your normal Malifaux games and is it a good board game in its own right?

What’s Happening At The Wyrd Booth At GenCon 2021?


Wyrd has bought some incredible goodies with them spanning across different game systems and platforms - so keep your eyes peeled to see what to hunt down at GenCon '21 at the Wyrd Booth. 

Get Ready For A Clash! A “Pig” Announcement For Bayou Bash


Last week, we had a look at Ruffles the Rooster, and his preparation before entering the wild racing arena, home to redneck gremlins and quirky characters alike. There is a new playable character coming to Bayou Bash, and Wyrd Games have announced their actions and outcomes of brutality for the upcoming title. 

Ruffles The Rooster Joins Wyrd Games’ Bayou Bash


Ahoy there Wyrdos. If you are anything like me, you will be excited for Bayou Bash to be heading over to our tabletops this summer. Now considering that I am a fan of Wyrd products anyway, the upcoming release of the board game is getting me quite giddy! Featuring the lovable rogue Gremlins and awesome mounts from through the breach.  This week, Wyrd Games have confirmed one of the newest playable characters, and taken a look into their perks within the game. The Rooster is ready to cluck its way into the race, leaving the other mounts at the start line.  

Wyrd Games’ Releases For Malifaux & More In June 2021!


here is an abundance of products coming up from Wyrd Games this June with not only miniatures releases for Malifaux, but a closer look at the release of Bayou Bash and a returning Fate Deck on the horizon.

Wyrd’s Bayou Bash & Themed Starter Set Coming This Summer


Wyrd Games has announced that they are going to be bringing some Bayou-themed awesomeness to the tabletop in June and July 2021.

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