Get Ready For A Clash! A “Pig” Announcement For Bayou Bash

May 21, 2021 by fcostin

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Last week, we had a look at Ruffles the Rooster, and his preparation before entering the wild racing arena, home to redneck Gremlins and quirky characters alike. There is a new playable character coming to Bayou Bash, and Wyrd Games have announced their actions and outcomes of brutality for the upcoming title.

Pig - Bayou Bash // Wyrd Games

Ruffles' speed and abilities to write you off the track doesn't seem like much of a match for this ol' swine. Water is no problem for this little piggy, as Pig has adapted to the slosh which may get in his way with ease. All other players will receive a stagger token when traversing through the water, but Pig is ready to go and can speed through with no problems with his Hogwash Slosh ability, with the chance to pick up a Golden Carrot if you are extra mean in the water too - pushing your opponents off track and out of mind.

If you are looking for a Sunday walk in the park kind of game, Bayou Bash may not be the one for you. Pig uses a very aggressive playstyle with hope to force and ram opponents across lanes. With Untame Tusk Toss, players will be able to toss other racers across and off the track and Pork Roast Rodeo can give the upper hand of the movement dice in play.

Bo Peep - Malifaux // Wyrd Games

As per usual, Wyrd Games have made the Pig available in Malifaux, with the name Bo Peep included as part of the upcoming Bayou Starter Box. Allowing the Gremlins' crews to be upped once more... not jealous at all as a Neverborn player.

Whether Bo Peep is out on the racetrack or out on the battlefield, her ramming moves cross through all game systems, putting those charging abilities to the test.

Bayou Bash will be coming to FLGS stores this summer, so be sure to look into the upcoming board game title from Wyrd Games. Which features crossovers and familiar characters from their most popular title, Malifaux.

Pig may not have feathers and a speedy one-track mind like Ruffles. But she is sure is not here to play. 

"Ruffles' speed and abilities to write you off the track doesn't seem like much of a match for this ol' swine."

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