What’s Happening At The Wyrd Booth At GenCon 2021?

September 9, 2021 by fcostin

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For the last few months, I have been saying how special the Wyrd booth was going to be at GenCon '21. Whether I am talking about the new board game Bayou Bash, or the upcoming Halloween Exclusives - Wyrd has bought some incredible goodies with them spanning across different game systems and platforms - so keep your eyes peeled to see what to hunt down at GenCon '21 at the Wyrd Booth.

Nightmare Box 2021 // Wyrd Games

Announced last week, the 2021 Nightmare Box contains a deep-dive underwater, as Nekima and her Nephilim-kin take a nautical journey for this year's alternative box. Even better, due to the cross-over ability which Wyrd has instilled with a good few Malifaux and The Other Side products, this Nightmare Box can be played out in both Malifaux for its intended purpose or adapted into The Other Side for some true chaos.

Malifaux Burns // Malifaux

Malifaux Burns is another one that has been on my radar. The new and upcoming expansion book provides rules and information about certain changes in-game, providing players with all the information they need to get the best out of their crews. Containing information on every title and character in-game, players will be able to utilise their crews researching the detailed information regarding masters and affected keywords.

Malifaux Burns is only on as a pre-release at GenCon, and the official retail date lands in the back-end of October. But, Wyrd has mentioned that if you do decide on buying the expansion book before January 2022 comes by, players will be provided with the digital version completely free. All they have to do is send over the proof of purchase to the link provided here.

Also available at GenCon '21 for Malifaux is a whirlwind of September releases including, Tortoise and Hare Alt Box, Rotten Harvest: Toil and Trouble, Best Kept Secrets, and many more as part of the monthly release cohort.

Miss Hapen // Malifaux

Along with the release of the Nightmare Box, the newest "Miss" figure is making a return to events, with Miss Hapen - the Jaakuna Ubame alt figure exclusive to the event. However, if you are feeling fuelled by all of the Wyrd and wonderful goodness to which I am showing you on your mobile devices or computer screen, you can get Miss Hapen for free if you spend $100 or more whilst the event is live.

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The Other Side 2-Player Starter Set // Wyrd

A long-awaited box to get hold of, The Other Side 2-player Starter Set will be available to pick up at the booth too. Providing the perfect opportunity to enter this realm, the new starter set offers The Court of Two and the Guild - providing enough miniatures to build and create some fearsome wrecking-crews, and for a friend too!

The Other Side 2-Player Starter Set will also cross over to Malifaux too, meaning these miniatures are playable in the third edition two. This box provides players with not only a starter set for one of their game systems but stat cards and information to cross over breachside.

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Samantha Thrace and Binh Nguyen // The Other Side

Also compatible with Malifaux Third Edition, the famous champions of old can be purchased at the event to use and expand on the current The Oher Side 2-Player Starter Set. Providing more diversity for your crews and a wider bank of skills to choose from with the newest updated sculpts of Samantha Thrace and Binh Nguyen.

Bayou Bash // Wyrd Games

On the board game front, Bayou Bash makes its quirky and wacky entrance after being released in August this year. Taking 2-4 players into a race on the world on Malifaux's most interesting of creatures. From Waldgiest to Rooster, players must make their way to the finish line - risking everything for the chance for earned glory.

Vagrantsong // Wyrd Games

The final major product to be sold at GenCon '21 is indeed another pre-release, and a board game too! Vagrantsong is for 2-4 players and these players head out on a spooky adventure, placed in the role of Vagrants on a haunted train.

This title has no official release day as of yet, but promised "this fall", so if you are keen and desperate to get your hands on this stunning new board game title, be sure to pick it up at the event.

For a full list of Wyrd products at Gen Con, be sure to head on over to Waldo's Weekly on the Wyrd website for the granular and nitty-gritty of the products available during the event.

What Wyrd product would you be picking up at GenCon '21?

"A long-awaited box to get hold of, The Other Side 2-player Starter Set will be available to pick up at the booth too..."

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