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Community Spotlight: Aliens, Sleepy Hollow & A Trip Under The Sea


We get a look at some speed painted Aliens miniatures, a trip to Sleepy Hollow and a dive under the sea to meet an eldritch master!

Cult Of Games XLBS: What Games Are You Waiting To Play In 2021?


This week on Cult Of Games XLBS, we're joined by Free, Justin, Warren and Ben who are getting stuck into some hobby, what we have planned for the future and more.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Submariners & Stone Age Wargaming!


Warren returns to us this week for Cult Of Games XLBS and he's got some interesting thoughts to share with us on underwater wargaming and Stone Age adventures. 

Weekender: NEW Warhammer 40K Starter Sets; The Best Yet? + BIG Star Wars, Marvel Miniatures News!


We're checking out some Fantasy Football teams and more from Greebo Games PLUS a whole bunch of fantastic new miniatures for Star Wars, Marvel and Warhammer 40K fans too.

Weekender: Racing To Moscow Atop Our Battle Pulpit!


We're chatting with Phalanx Games about their new Kickstarter project and diving into more from the tabletop world this week!

AntiMatter Preview Monstrous Sea Trolls From The Abyss


AntiMatter Games has been showing off more of the previews for their new Kickstarter, Uncharted Realms Of The Abyss

Community Spotlight: Pubs, Dark Demons & Devout Kill Teams


Come and check out a nice warm pub, terrifying demons from the deep and a host of holy warriors from the grimdark future,.

The Elder Sea Dragon Hunts Its Prey In DeepWars


AntiMatter Games have added a new wild creature into the mix for games of DeepWars.

DeepWars & ShadowSea Get New Starter Sets Soon


AntiMatter Games has revealed the finalised Starter Sets which will be coming to those who want to delve into both DeepWars and ShadowSea. 

AntiMatter Games Craft More DeepWars Heroes & Villains


AntiMatter Games has been showing off more of the sculpting from their upcoming Two-Player Starter Set for DeepWars.

An Elder Sea Dragon Swims Into Antimatter’s DeepWars This May


AntiMatter Games has previewed another of their monstrous creatures coming to DeepWars this year.

Hobby Hangout Livestream [Catch Up Now!]


Join Ben, John and Lance as they trawl through the community projects to see what you've been up to this week!

Hobby Hangout Livestream [Catch Up Now!]


Join John and Ben today for this week as we trawl through your projects to see what you've been up to this week.

Hobby Hangout Livestream [Catch Up Now!]


Join John and Ben as they go through your community projects on the forums and in our projects system.

Weekender: 40K KillTeam Commanders; Marvel Or Mistake?


Win Kill Team Commanders expansion sets and let us know if this is a step in the right (or wrong!) direction for Games Workshop.

Community Spotlight: Homemade Burrows, Stunning Conversions & Kitbashes + A Deep Sea Collection!


Converted armies, scratch built terrain and deep sea creatures come to life this week in our Community Spotlight.

AntiMatter Games Head Into The Stygian Depths With New Kickstarter


AntiMatter Games are currently running a new Kickstarter which will help fund their new campaign supplement for ShadowSea called The Stygian Depths: Lost Temple Of Xibalba. 

AntiMatter Games’ DeepWar Starter Set Characters Sculpted Up


AntiMatter Games has been showing off the two main characters which will be leading each of the factions in the new DeepWars Two-Player Starter Set.

Deep-Cut Take Us For A Paddle On A New Reef Mat


The Deep-Cut Studio team has teamed up with AntiMatter Games for their DeepWars Mat. Here we have a very beautiful looking Reef for your warriors to fight over.

AntiMatter Games Is Calling All Painters


There's never been a better time to explore the underwater world of Deep Wars from Antimatter Games. Antimatter Games is hosting their first ever painting competition, featuring the Dark Mariners!

AntiMatter Games Shows Off Menacing Schools Of Fish


Antimatter Games is not being fishy about their next release for DeepWars.

The DeepStar Kraken Makes Its Way Into Deep Wars This Month


The magnificent underwater world of Deep Wars just become a bit more dangerous. The end of March will bring forth the DeepStar Kraken from the depths of Blood Reef!

A Hideous Sea Troll Lurks In AntiMatter’s Depths


AntiMatter Games have previewed a new sub-aquatic horror that will soon be rising to the tabletop; the Sea Troll.

A Monstrous Kraken Rises From AntiMatter Games’ DeepWars


Delving down into the darkness of DeepWars, AntiMatter Games has shared some awesomely monstrous models that swim about in the inky blackness.

Antimatter Announces Partnership With TerraCutter For Game Aids


Antimatter Games and Terracutter are teaming up to create some gaming aids for DeepWars and ShadowSea

AntiMatter Games Shows Off A Stunning Painted Mantis Shrimp


AntiMatter Games never disappoints with the gorgeous paint schemes that can play out on their minis for Deep Wars. Check out the latest stunning paint job on the Giant Mantis Shrimp for the Nereids of Blood Reef.

A Shoal Of Hungry Fish Gathers For AntiMatter’s DeepWars


AntiMatter Games show that they can make anything look awesome, even a shoal of fish. See what you make of the Carangaform Mech Swam for DeepWars.

Don’t Get Stuck By The Clal-chk Harpooner In DeepWars


With quite a mouthful of a name, the Clal-chk Harpooner from DeepWars is one of the models being previewed by AntiMatter Games ahead of its 2018 release.

Bow Before Prince Corym ShadowShifter Of DeepWars


Prince Corym ShadowShifter is one of the latest models to be previewed by the AntiMatter Games team for use within your games of DeepWars.

Large Creatures & Craft Dwell In The Depths Of DeepWars


Anti-Matter Games have been sharing some more of their render work for the upcoming releases in DeepWars. Leading the way we have the Coelomech Submersible...

A Snarling Sea Troll Takes Shape From Antimatter For DeepWars


Shared over on the Abyssal Realms group for DeepWars Antimatter Games showed off this preview render for one of their upcoming models, the Sea Troll.

Explore The Depths With AntiMatter Games Sea Wraith For DeepWars


AntiMatter Games have previewed a new model coming in 2018, the Sea Wraith for the Ancients of Atalán from their DeepWars game. Now it's not often a 3D render so wholly grabs my attention as this one. The Ancients of […]

Ol’ Ginny Greenteeth Takes Shape For Antimatter’s DeepWars


Over on their Facebook Page Antimatter Games have put together a WiP render of one of their upcoming models for DeepWars, Ol' Ginny Greenteeth.

Community Spotlight: DeepWars Fish, Lumbering Trolls & Grimy Soldiers


New Models & Transportation For DeepWars Are On Kickstarter


The underwater world of DeepWars is about to get even better with the latest Kickstarter from Antimatter Games that's live right now. Now your explorers can hop aboard the Argonaut, their very own submersible!

A Sea Serpent Slithered Into The Depths Of Deep Wars


You see some of the most amazing sea creatures underwater, and Antimatter Games does a brilliant job bringing them to life on the tabletop. Check out the stunning Sea Serpent making its way into the depths of Deep Wars.

Dive Into DeepWars With AntiMatter’s Argonaut Submersible


AntiMatter Games has shown off a new submersible vehicle, the Argonaut, which is going to be diving beneath the waves of DeepWars in a future Kickstarter campaign.

The Nereids Of Deep Wars Get Their Caller Of The Deep


Floating through the undersea world of Deep Wars Antimatter Games has now added another Nereid to their collection. Here we have Amatheia, Caller Of The Deep and her deadly shark companion too.

Submersibles Are On The Horizon For DeepWars From Antimatter Games


The wonderful underwater tabletop game of DeepWars is getting some love this year in the way of new miniatures. If that isn't exciting enough, Antimatter Games has announced that submersibles are in the works for a Kickstarter in the near future!

Antimatter Answer The Call Of The Siren Maneater In Deep Wars


Deep Wars welcomes another new model to its world as the Siren Maneater goes up for pre-order over on their Antimatter Games webstore.

The Dagathonan Reef Lord Dives Into DeepWars


DeepWars welcomes another addition to the Scaly Horde as Antimatter Games adds the Dagathonan Reef Lord to their webstore for pre-order.

Have A Whale Of A Time With AntiMatter’s Deep Sea Scenery


AntiMatter Games have two new models up for pre-order to bring the hazards of the deep sea to your tabletop. The rotting remains of one of the sea's greatest denizens and a tantalizing yet lethal mollusk.

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