Weekender: Racing To Moscow Atop Our Battle Pulpit!

November 16, 2019 by crew

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Come and dive into some awesomeness with us today as we're looking at a load of ace updates from the world of wargaming.

Weekender: Racing To Moscow Atop Our Battle Pulpit!

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Make sure to delve in and explore these topics with us as we always enjoy hearing what you have to say about the things that have caught our eye this week.

Updates - Campaigns, Themed Weeks & More

So, we've got a couple of neat things to talk about this week. First off, make sure to get involved with the D-Day Global Campaign which has moved into Phase 3 this week with Phase 4 coming very soon.

We also have news that on 25th November 2019 we'll be starting off Firelock Games week looking at Blood & Plunder, Blood & Valor and also Oak & Iron from across their game range.

You can also get yourself a code to get money off purchases from Heresy Miniatures. So, if you want to get your hands on your own Boris you can snap this up and use it yourself.

Phalanx Games - 1941: Race To Moscow

If you're interested in finding out about the new board game from Phalanx Games then make sure to join us as we chat about Race To Moscow which will be coming to Kickstarter very soon.

This also gets us thinking about the idea of supply lines and how you could use some ideas from this game in your 28mm tabletop experiences.


Make sure to join us for a walk through the news this week too...

What did you think about the news this week?


On top of the news, we have two campaigns which you should check out...

Are you tempted by either of these campaigns? Make sure to let us know in the comments below...

Have a great weekend!

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