Knight Models Discuss New Crew For Batman 3rd Edition

November 8, 2019 by brennon

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Knight Models has been keeping up the previews for the Batman Miniatures Game with another peek at what's coming for 3rd Edition and the crew for Batman.

Batman Crew - Knight Models

One of the big things about the game is that it looks like we're getting some very nicely revamped miniatures for this collection. Here we can see Batman, Commissioner Gordon and a bunch of Gotham PD's finest watching out over Gotham has nefarious deeds are done by the criminals in the streets below.

Here's a little more from Knight Models on exactly what these do in-game...

Penguin Crew - Knight Models

"The first new concept for crew enhancement is Suspect markers. As your henchmen fill the streets of Gotham with these Suspects, you can use them in various ways to fulfil your strategies and take out enemy Suspects to hinder the opposition.

Suspects are closely related to the crew’s own Objectives, which now take the form of a card deck, which you can tailor to your preferred play style. Objective cards can either be used for scoring points or can be discarded instead to gain temporary bonuses."

I like the idea that things are moving away from just beating each other up in order to win. Instead, there is more of a focus on objectives which change as you play through games, opening up new tactical decisions for you to make.

Gotham Cops - Knight Models

One of the other elements about the game is that you're also looking at new ways in which the different Boss characters work for your crew. They are going to be integral as to the way in which your particular crew plays and open up interesting pathways as to how you can achieve victory.

As we can see it here we've also got another much larger focus on some of the key characters, Commissioner Gordon in this instance. Once again I would hope that there is a way to detach him from the larger scenic base in order to use him more adequately in-game. I know he loves his Bat Signal but it would be good to be able to play without carting it around!

What do you make of this look at the new models for these crews?

"I like the idea that things are moving away from just beating each other up in order to win..."

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