Snap Up 3D Printable Darkstar Rift Starter Set For DeepWars

November 29, 2022 by brennon

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AntiMatter Games has made the Darkstar Rift Two-Player Starter Set available as a digital bundle for those seeking to get stuck into DeepWars and get 3D Printing! Could this be a good time to give this game a go if you've got a 3D Printer warming up in the other room?

Darkstar Rift Two-Player Starter Set - AntiMatter Games

Darkstar Rift Two-Player Starter Set // AntiMatter Games

As you might have guessed from the name of the set, this has been designed to give you a great introduction to DeepWars with two full sides plus all of the rules, tokens, templates and more that you need to start playing the game.

On the one side of this conflict, you have the Nereids. You have Captain Thelexia, a Sea Goblin Deep Scourge, Nereid Sea Shaman and finally, a massive Giant Armoured Leopard Seal which is probably my favourite of the miniatures in the pack.

Nereids - DeepWars

Nereids // DeepWars

Who wouldn't want to dive into an underwater combat game where someone can play as an Armoured Leopard Seal? You need someone for your Nereids to go up against and that's where the Fortune Hunters come in.

Fortune Hunter - DeepWars

Fortune Hunter // DeepWars

Here we have those who probably don't give a hoot about the state of the local coral reef. I don't think you get to give a hoot if you're rocking around in a diving suit with a gatling-harpoon gun and massive drills.

The set comes with Isabella Johannes, Adventuring Scientist plus Scipio Aqualis, Captain Of The Deep Legion. There is also a Heavy Assault Dive Trooper and an Iron Tempest Mech Construct. One way to find your fortune is to obliterate everything before you and sift through the rubble I guess.

As well as the miniatures, there are also cards for the warbands and creatures (more on those below) plus maps, record sheets, status markers, movement sticks and the rulebook with a campaign of eight scenarios to get you started.

Creatures & Scenery!

As a pretty awesome bonus, the digital pack also comes with two big bundles of additional miniatures to build on your experience with DeepWars.

Monsters & Wild Creatures - DeepWars

Monsters & Wild Creatures // DeepWars

The Monsters & Wild Creatures set really showcases what DeepWars is all about. You've got some excellent marine creatures to choose from plus impressive monsters like the Swordtooth Sea Drake and the Sea Giant. You could have a lot of fun painting up this set of miniatures and doing something a little different. Break out the bright pinks, greens, blues and the like and get some bioluminescence on the go!

The Scenery set gives you the same sort of interesting pieces to paint. Who doesn't want a bunch of awesome crystals and terrain that might end up eating you?

Scenery - DeepWars

Scenery // DeepWars

I would imagine that a bunch of people will end up looking to pick this up and play out the basic starter set scenarios then get to printing the rest of the kit to enhance their experiences. However you approach it, this is going to be a fun way to get some DeepWars onto the tabletop and play out a rather unique wargame with a different twist to it.

Could you be tempted?

"Break out the bright pinks, greens, blues and the like and get some bioluminescence on the go!"

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