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Ex Illis


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Ex Illis Plans A Return Boosted By Kickstarter


Ex Illis is returning to our tabletops through the power of Kickstarter. See what you think of this return, with a game that can be played without the digital option.

Ex Illis release the Premier Fallen Angel


The one and only fallen angel makes his way onto the Ex Illis battlefield.

New Daemon Hordes for Ex Illis


The latest release for Ex Illis is coming marching onto the battlefield, spreading terror and destruction in its wake. Behold the Daemon Horde!

Ex Illis Release William Wallace


Ex Illis have launched their first new release since their unfortunate news... and it's a cracker... William Wallace!

Wargaming2.0 2.0 … Bastion Revived?


Raised from the dead like a Zombie Pope!

Bastion Studios… Join the Revolution!


With an announcement due in the next 10 days or so, that should clear up the future for Ex-Illis, some community members are trying to stage a fightback, so we thought we'd show our support by embedding a short video after the break.

Ex illis fully integrated ECONOMIC SYSTEM is out!


The Ex illis gang have added something new to their system, an ECONOMIC SYSTEM! So what the heck is it, well it's your army's economy, the gold you have, the sort of weapons and magic potions etc. you have found or won. The more […]

Exclusive Unboxing – Exillis Emissarius


Warren and Andy site down with the new Exillis Emissarius which was released today!

Ex illis: Emissarius available from Oct 29th


A bit of news in from Ex illis, the Emissarius (a huge monster armed with a massive scythe) is going to be set loose on October 29th!

Bastion announce the Ex illis 30-Day free trial


The Ex illis guys have decided that now is the time to unleash their 30-Day Free Trial so everyone can have ago with the software to see how the game plays.

A chat with Fred from Bastion about their game Ex illis


We have a chat with Fred from Bastion about their game Ex illis. Now for anyone who hasn't seen it, Ex illis is quite a unique mix of table top gaming with software that helps introduce new players to the game and facilitate some pretty special game play.

Ex-Illis unveiling something huge at GenCon 2010


So the guys over at Ex-Illis have been showing off these couple of cryptic images showing the base their next minature will stand on. Rumours are circulating that it could be for the Falen Angel himself who has decided that […]

What’s In The Box: Ex Illis Knight Baneret


John takes a look at the first expansion set out for Exillis.

What’s In The Box: Ex Illis Integral Set


Unboxing: John opens the box on something different! Lets see what Ex illis has to offer!

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