Gargants & Shadowy Khainites Previewed For Age Of Sigmar

April 20, 2020 by brennon

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Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum, I smell the blood of mortal men! A bunch of absolutely towering Gargants were shown off for Games Workshop's Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar this weekend as part of the next Destruction Battletome, Sons Of Behemat.

New Gargant #1 - Age Of Sigmar

Each of the new Gargants that can be built stand a good head and shoulders above the Aleguzzler Gargant that you'll be familiar with from Warhammer Fantasy Battles and by extension, Age Of Sigmar. They are towering, living weapons and will be stomping across the battlefield.

New Gargant #2 - Age Of Sigmar

The new collection of Gargants break down into the Gatebreaker, Warstomper and Kraken-eater which gives you an idea as to the environments they frequent and how they might fight on the battlefield. As with a lot of their massive kits, the details on these models are pretty fantastic. I love all of the little nods here and there to the wider Mortal Realms and the poor people who have ended up in their way.

New Gargant #3 - Age Of Sigmar

These Gargants can be taken as part of a Sons Of Behemat army (so, all Gargants if you want!) but every faction in the Mortal Realms can draw on their aid. So, if you're force is missing something titanic and brutal then you'll soon have the option to pick up one of these kits.

As they mentioned as part of their preview, now you just need to work out how you're going to fit your chosen Gargant into your army. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of conversions we see for this collection and it could be a great army option for those that don't want to work on lots of tiny infantry models!

Stalk From The Shadows

As well as the big new Gargants for massive-scale engagements on the tabletop, the Games Workshop team also showed off a new warband for the smaller conflicts of Warcry. Here we have the murderous Khainite Shadowstalkers.

Khanite Shadowstalkers #1 - Age Of Sigmar

With a warband made up of assassins, shades, cutthroats and murderers, this sounds like a good set of models for those that want to make a warband of glass cannons. These spies and infiltrators for Morathi have skulked out of the Realm Of Shadow and now find themselves crossing the Realm Of Chaos in search of information for their Mistress.

Khanite Shadowstalkers #2 - Age Of Sigmar

This collection of models very much put me in mind of the Dark Elves from The Old World and Warhammer Fantasy Battles which is a nice touch. I love all the swirling cloaks, flowing hair and grim looks! It's very interesting to see the first entry into Warcry which steps away from the obvious path of Chaos and it opens up the door for more factions to get added into the mix too.

Khanite Shadowstalkers #3 - Age Of Sigmar

Having dedicated WarCry warbands for more of the factions would be very nice indeed and would also mean that you wouldn't have to pick up lots of different boxes in order to craft your warband for the game.

These are some very nice models indeed and I think Games Workshop continues to hit all the right notes when it comes to Warcry. It does still seem like the perfect place to jump into the Mortal Realms.

Light Of The Aelves

Sticking with Aelves but of a different style entirely we also had a peek at a new model for the Lumineth Realm-lords. Here is the Scinari Cathallar.

Scinari Cathallar - Age Of Sigmar

This character plays an important role in Lumineth society. She is able to draw on the emotions poured into the aetherquartz by the Aelves and fashion it into a weapon to be used on the battlefield. She is able to use the sorrow, despair and darkness of their race to punish foes and drive them to their knees.

It wouldn't be an army of Elves without something tragic to draw on in their backstory, would it? I do like the miniature, especially the work on crafting that veil. It is going to be interesting to see how people attempt to paint that or if they try something different with the scheme.

Plenty of previews both big and small for Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar this week!

"Plenty of previews both big and small for Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar this week!"

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