Three New Chaos Warbands Hear The Warcry This Weekend

July 29, 2019 by brennon

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Games Workshop is going to be expanding upon the bloodthirsty skirmishes of Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Warcry with three new warbands coming up for pre-order this weekend. If you weren't a fan of the Iron Golems and the Untamed Beasts you've got plenty of choices before you.

The Unmade - Games Workshop

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First up we have The Unmade. Whilst a lot of people have been turned off by these miniatures, I think they look macabre and horrifying in the right way! I really like the idea of a group which is turning themselves into living weapons and instruments of torture. This is the kind of thing you would have seen in the margins of your Mordheim book or scrawled in old Realm Of Chaos tomes.

In that way, I think they are a great homage to just how twisted and frigged up the world of Age Of Sigmar and Chaos can be! I have seen some really inventive paint jobs on these models too and think they'd be a really good warband to work on, playing around with rust, blood and all sorts.

Quoth The Raven...

Next up we have the Corvus Cabal who again show off an interesting twist on the worship of Chaos within the world of Age Of Sigmar.

Corvus Cabal - Games Workshop

I do like how Warcry is taking something that we saw explored in Warhammer Fantasy Battles and taking it to a new level. If you read some of the background for the Old World you will know that the Norscan tribes all worshipped different aspects of the Chaos Gods, not just Chaos itself. There might be many tribes who followed Khorne for example, but they could have worshipped very different elements of his essence.

I really like the idea of a warband then that follows this feaster of corpses, a giant bird which may or may not be an aspect of something like Khorne. I imagine they are going to be very hard to play, being adept at swooping in and delivering a killing blow but with very little staying power.

Strike Like A Serpent

Lastly, for this weekend, we have the Splintered Fang who have the appearance of gladiators taking to the sands to slaughter their foes with vicious poisons.

Splintered Fang - Games Workshop

Once again, I like the design and approach to the faction. They could have so easily just done the four Chaos Gods and the Horned Rat or Beastmen for a little bit of flavour but they really went all out on exploring Chaos in a different way. The bright colours mixed in with the shimmering silver here marks them out as very different from the other warbands too and alongside the Cypher Lords, I could see them being the most colourful force.

Pilfer The Stormvaults!

The Mortal Realms were, at one time, a place of peace and prosperity as Sigmar held dominion overall. However, even the mightiest empire can fall and so many of his old cities were lost or abandoned. Some held important places of power like the Stormvaults where magical weapons of incredible power were stored. So, it seems apt that your Chaos warbands might find these places interesting to delve into and fight over.

Ravaged Lands Shattered Stormvault - Games Workshop

With new terrain cards, plastic options to plug together in a variety of different ways and more this seems like a nice point of difference to the desolate nature of the Chaos Wastes which your warbands have been fighting over for scraps. Here there could well be a relic of great power lying just beneath the cracked slabs, a perfect gift for Archaon and the Chaos Gods.

Will you be snapping up these new Warcry offerings next weekend?

"This is the kind of thing you would have seen in the margins of your Mordheim book..."

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