Armoured Gallic Infantry Marches To War From Victrix

December 14, 2018 by brennon

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Victrix has released a new set of infantry for use in the Ancient period. This time around we’re seeing the release of the Gallic Armoured Warriors.

Gallic Armoured Warriors - Victrix

You could use these as part of an expanded Roman force, maybe used as the Auxiliary perhaps for a Legion OR you could drop them into the mix for a proper Germanic force.

Gallic Armoured Warriors #1 - Victrix

These sprues, as with all of them from Victrix, are packed full of options for both the rank and file soldiers as well as the commanders that will be leading them into battle.

Gallic Armoured Warriors #2 - Victrix

I like the idea of playing some skirmish games set during the Ancient period and plastic kits like these would work well for quickly customising a force.

Are you tempted by these sprues?

"Are you tempted by these sprues?"

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