Fight With The Legions Of Rome On New Forged In Battle Kickstarter

December 2, 2015 by brennon

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The Legions Of Rome are marching into Gaul and beyond with this new Kickstarter project by Forged In Battle and West Wind Productions. This historical arm of West Wind noted that everyone wanted to see Romans like they had in the movies on the tabletop and so here they are in 15mm!

Legions Of Rome

The main aim of this project is to fund the creation of armies like the Augustan Roman Legions, 1st Century Roman Legions, 2nd Century Roman Legions, Dacians, Picts, Sassanids, Maccabean Jewish, Early Franks, and Early Saxons. You can see some of their designs below.

Roman Soldiers

...and away from the Roman designs as you see above we also have a sneak peek at some of the Gaulish warriors which are going to be scrapping for control of the tabletop here.

Romans & Gaul

They have now funded practically all of their additional armies with just the Frankish and the Saxons to go. Beyond that there are all manner of add-ons and terrain pieces which might be considered as time goes by. It's great to see West Wind listening to their fans and looking to add new models they are just begging to pick up.

In this scale I could really see players working towards playing out massive campaigns that would fit into the style of games like Rome: Total War.

What do you think of their new Kickstarter?

"I would love to have a big campaign map and these mighty armies to fight out the battles..."

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Supported by (Turn Off)