Peter’s Paperboys Rank Up New Republican Romans

January 12, 2019 by brennon

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Peter's Paperboys has added a whole new army into the mix for use in your wargames. The latest set of units and characters are for the Republican Romans, giving you a strong force to secure the Empire.

Roman Republican Army - Peter's Paper Boys

There are plenty of new sheets available for you to pick up which offer up a range of different characters as well as the units that will be supporting them. For example, you have the likes of the Hastati...

Hastati - Peter's Paper Boys

...and the Triarii. All of these new 'miniatures' are of course available on a unit-by-unit basis and the other great thing about these is that you could print these off as many times as you like.

Triarii - Peter's Paper Boys

They all feature the artwork of Peter Dennis, which is one good reason to pick up this range. The cost-effective nature of this is also something you can't ignore, and it's not like the armies won't look good when you get them to the tabletop either!

You could play out a lot of those massive battles from history without a huge outlay of cash, which gets a thumbs up from us. If you like you're painting then there's still plenty of avenues for you to go down but for those who love their gaming then this might be the right direction to go.

What do you think?

"...for those who love their gaming then this might be the right direction to go"

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