GenCon Update: First Two Days Of Incredible!

August 16, 2014 by stvitusdancern

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This is a quick update to GenCon 2014 look for the upcoming videos. The first two days of GenCon have been a whirlwind of activity. There has been so much to see and do, I do not even think 4 days is enough to accomplish everything one would want to do. We have met a ton of people and have seen some amazing games and gaming activities. I can tell you the amount of people that are here is unbelievable! There are times when it is so hard to move around with camera gear let alone without it.

Some quick highlights for you: We stopped at the Palladium Publishing stand to get a peak at Robotech Tactics and they only had a couple of demos. They did not have the stock that they were supposedly going to sell at GenCon. We will get pictures and video for you. We met up with Carlos from Corvus Belli and we are witness to the new starter boxes selling like wildfire. I went back this evening and I did not see one box left.

We also met Dave from Hawk Wargames and talked to him for a bit and really enjoyed him telling us about his inspiration for the design of the factions.

Dawn and Dave from Hawk Wargames

We also have a couple of surprise interviews for you and a ton of pictures. We ended Friday night by attending the Dungeons and Dragons (WoTC) launch party for Tyranny of Dragons. Watch the really cool trailer for the upcoming MMORPG.

Oh and there was this little game that they are launching called Star Wars Armada and for some reason every was really drawn to the table. Seriously, it looks awesome and I have to say that it might be bigger much bigger than X-Wing!




And don't forget we have the Beasts of War meetup tonight at 5pm at Loughmillers pub and eatery. 310 W. Washington. Just north of the pub. We might have some special guests come by and share a pint. If you are at the con we hope to see you there, we will be giving away prizes.

The fun has just begun, we hope you join us, won't you?

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