Burrows & Badgers Beasts Return To Kickstarter

November 1, 2018 by brennon

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Oathsworn Miniatures are back on Kickstarter for a short and sweet campaign which will bring to life another collection of creatures for you to use in your games of Burrows & Badgers.

Beasts Of Northymbra - Burrows & Badgers

The range focuses in on fifteen new characters which would be great to use as part of your warband or as NPCs that you could also throw into the mix.

Leading the way we have possibly my favourite miniature from the collection, Forni Long-fur.

Forni Long-fur - Burrows & Badgers

I love the look of this wizened old Badger Wizard who is going to certainly become part of my three man warband. I want him to be the powerful old fellow behind the scenes pulling the strings.

Both him and Skegg The Oak are the two miniatures from the campaign that might get turned into resin creations simply by virtue of the fact that they are so big!

Skegg The Oat - Burrows & Badgers

I do also love that they are looking towards the likes of the Otters and such as well including Bart Quicktail.

Bart Quicktail - Burrows & Badgers

There are almost enough different characters out there now to do a full-on pirate crew.

A lot of the fringe races have now been dealt with in more detail but it's good to still include the classic races like the mice!

Billy The Stout - Burrows & Badgers

This is another of those cool characters that you could use when it comes to creating a crusading force that has headed out on an adventure. Now, they have returned and are looking to restore some order to Northymbra.

We mentioned above that they are also delving into creating some characters that are a bit like NPCs and that's where Gorrim comes in.

Gorrim Slowhop - Burrows & Badgers

...and as if that isn't cool we also have the awesome Mole known as Lorgam Ironsmite.

Lorgam Ironsmite - Burrows & Badgers

I don't normally look at playing with Moles in my games but I love the idea of including him within my ranks. Maybe it would be awesome to do the whole crusader thing and then introduce this fellow as one of the grim priests who journeyed with them.

The Kickstarter only has a few days left so it's well worth checking this out!

Will you be grabbing some of these characters?

"...introduce this fellow as one of the grim priests who journeyed with them"

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