Ragnarok Miniatures Bring Sons Of Odin Vikings To Kickstarter

June 14, 2023 by brennon

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Ragnarok Miniatures have made their existing range of 28mm Dark Age and Fantasy miniatures available over on the Gripping Beast webstore already BUT you can also get your hands on a bunch of excellent new "Sons Of Odin" over on Kickstarter right now. More Vikings await!

Icelandic Character Pack - Ragnarok Miniatures

Icelandic Character Pack // Ragnarok Miniatures

Colin Patten has designed a brand new host of amazing Viking miniatures which you could use for games like SAGA. There are 150 different Vikings across a couple of different packs including a massive Shieldwall and a band of characters from the Icelandic Sagas. This means that you can make some epic warbands that are worthy of song, all in glorious metal.

Shieldwall - Ragnarok Miniatures

Shieldwall // Ragnarok Miniatures

When it comes to the hero collection, the characters are focused on Njal's Saga and feature notable names like Grim Njalson, Helgi Njalson, Skarphedin Njalson, Kari Solumndarson and Njal Thorgeirson. That is just scratching the surface though and there are a lot more characters for you to consider snapping up as part of this project.

There is also the huge Shieldwall which comes with miniatures posed in particular ways to represent the kind of formation that would have been used at the time. You get rear ranks, front ranks (with shields ready), armoured and unarmoured troops and a band of warriors who are holding out under a storm of arrows. You can then mix this with some of the casualties that you can also get as part of the Kickstarter in order to make a really dynamic scene as you can see above.

Those who back the campaign are also able to get their hands on a set of wargaming rules from Stephen Patten. So, if you don't fancy going down the SAGA route then you could always try those out instead!

A late addition to the campaign was a pair of religious individuals to include alongside your army. You can pick up a Saxon Priest and a Viking Shaman as well as the warriors to help support your armies.

Saxon Priest & Viking Shaman - Ragnarok Miniatures

Saxon Priest & Viking Shaman // Ragnarok Miniatures

This truly looks like one of the best collections of Vikings out there right now. This easily makes warbands for a lot of different wargames but if you want to focus on smaller-scale skirmishes, you could also just use the character pack to create your team of heroes.

Could you be tempted to snap up these 28mm Vikings from Ragnarok Miniatures?

"This truly looks like one of the best collections of Vikings out there right now..."

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