Ragnarok’s New Kickstarter Brings Norse Draugr To The Tabletop

September 27, 2021 by brennon

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Ragnarok Miniatures are now on Kickstarter with their next big expansion to their Fantasy Norse range. The previous campaign introduced the Dvergr (Dwarves) to the tabletop and this new campaign now unleashes the restless dead, the Draugr, onto the battlefields.

Ragnarok 2 Kickstarter - Ragnarok Miniatures

Ragnarok 2 Kickstarter // Ragnarok Miniatures

At the core of this Kickstarter campaign are twelve individual sets that you can buy. This means that if a particular pack of their Draugr interest you then you just need to pay for that. For example, maybe you just want The Hrakning which offers a set of long-dead berserkers for your army.

The Hrakning - Ragnarok Miniatures

The Hrakning // Ragnarok Miniatures

You can however also then pick up larger sets of miniatures which give you more than a handful of miniatures. One of the sets that particularly interested me was this one, the Large Draugr SAGA Warband. As you might have guessed, it has been designed to be a good fit for games of SAGA.

Large Draugr Saga Warband - Ragnarok Miniatures

Large Draugr SAGA Warband // Ragnarok Miniatures

You can also buy smaller warbands, raiding parties and of course the entire Draugr Viking Host! There are loads of fantastic miniatures in this collection for those making armies of the dead.

Draugr Undead Viking Host - Ragnarok Miniatures

Draugr Undead Viking Host // Ragnarok Miniatures

Of course, for someone in a Middle-earth mood, this would be fantastic for those wanting to put together the Men Of Dunharrow for the tabletop. The Norse aesthetic would of course work well for those wanting to play out a more Tolkienesque version of Middle-earth on the tabletop as opposed to Jackson's vision.

Extra Options

As well as the Draugr, you can also pick up some optional extras. The first of these is a gaggle, a gang, a mischief of Dokkalfar. These Dark Elves can be used to represent Goblins or Orcs in your games and again, draw on Norse mythology as inspiration.

Dokkalfar Dark Elf - Ragnarok Miniatures

Dokkalfar - Dark Elves // Ragnarok Miniatures

So, if you're looking for a band of foes for your Viking heroes to face on the tabletop then these might be well worth a look! I would imagine that after they are done with the Draugr Kickstarter we might see the Dokkalfar becoming the focus of Ragnarok 3!

You will also be able to pick up this Einherjar Valhalla Hero Set. This gives you a set of valiant heroes from the halls of Valhalla who have returned to the battlefield once more to fight for the Aesir and the Vanir in their time of need.

Einherjar Valhalla Hero Set - Ragnarok Miniatures

Einherjar Valhalla Hero Set // Ragnarok Miniatures

There is a nice mix of different miniatures in this set that would make for good bodyguards and Hearthguard. You could also use most of them as leaders I imagine! Don't worry, they do come with weapons. You can check the final look for these miniatures over on the Kickstarter project.

Finally, I should also mention that you can also pick up a new set of Dvergr plus loads of miniatures from their first Ragnarok Kickstarter. Jotnar (Giants) have also been teased so it will be fascinating to see where Ragnarok Miniatures go next!

Are you going to be pledging for this Kickstarter?

"You can also buy smaller warbands, raiding parties and of course the entire Draugr Viking Host!"

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