New Relicblade: Storms Of Kural Starter Set Comes To Kickstarter

June 2, 2020 by brennon

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Relicblade is a great Fantasy skirmish miniatures game from Metal King Studio which has long been a favourite of many in the community. The new Kickstarter campaign, Storms Of Kural, brings an updated 2nd Edition Two-Player Battle Set to the tabletop so you can tell your own tales of high adventure.

Relicblade Storms of Kural Main Image - Metal King Studio.jpg

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At the core of Relicblade is a game where you recruit a squad of valiant heroes of cruel villains and fight for the fate of the world. During your campaigns, you'll choose your path and fight through narratively focused scenarios where you seek out magical treasures and face down innumerable horrors. With simple and easy-to-learn rules, the game also features a lot of tactical choices for gamers.

Storms Of Kural Two-Player Battle Set & Beyond

At the core of this campaign is the recommended Bold Adventurer pledge. This gets you two warbands featuring eight different champions. You'll then choose whether you want to serve evil or good and tackle a scenario based around the cursed Temples of Kural.

Bold Adventurer Pledge - Metal King Studio.jpg

The set includes the eight models seen above, all of which are one-piece metal figures that you simply slot into a base before painting up. You'll also find an all-new card set which contains all of the extra bits and pieces you need to upgrade your heroes and play through your scenarios. You also get tokens and the rules for playing out the beginning scenario so you can dive right in.

You can also take things to the next level and pledge for the Champion Of Adventure set which comes with the larger rulebook alongside the other bits and pieces from the pledge listed above.

Champion Of Adventure Pledge - Metal King Studio

This would be the direction to take if you've had a look at Relicblade and want to dive in deeper, looking beyond the characters and scenarios presented in the starter set with a view to pick up more models from their collection. Either way, you've got a good starting point here as part of this campaign to pick up some wonderful looking miniatures for a fun and unique game.

Relicblade Miniatures

Talking about the miniatures, here is a better look at the two warbands that you can choose to play as when you dive into Storms Of Kural. First up, we have the Heroes Of The Advocate.

Heroes Of The Advocate - Metal King Studio.jpg

This set of heroes features (from left to right) the Wild Elf Witch, Lone Guard Infiltrator, Warden Of Justice and Gnome Grenadier. I really like the Warden Of Justice, a bearded old veteran of the struggles, but the Gnome Grenadier is equally as cute and dangerous to boot!

On the side of evil, we have the villainous Champions Of The Adversary. If you thought the first set of heroes was unique, get a load of these folk.

Champions Of The Adversary - Metal King Studio

Here we have (from left to right), the Dark Prophet, Slayer Squid, Destroyer Pig and then finally the Iguan Marauder. Who wouldn't want to play in a group which includes a Destroyer Pig? Again, I really like these miniatures and they are some of the most unique sculpts out there. There is a real sense of greater depth within the world of Relicblade beyond your standard Elves, Dwarfs and such.

Relicblade Gameplay

To get a sense of what the game is all about, I thought it would be a neat idea to share a video from one of my favourite channels, STF Wargaming Studio. Here they played through the Storms of Kural and get stuck into an introductory game.

Give it a look and tell us what you think. Again, I like the simple nature of the mechanics but the amount of depth it offers for those who want to get the most out of a skirmish game with just a handful of models per side.

Relicblade Stretch Goals & Add-Ons

Once you go beyond the main pledges you'll also find a whole bunch of Stretch Goals and Add-Ons have been added into the mix for the campaign. Each Stretch Goal that got unlocked can then be bolted onto your main pledge for a little extra.

RelicBlade Stretch Goals - Metal King Studio.jpg

I am a massive fan of the Lone Guard and think that that range, in particular, would be the focus of my collection if I were to dive into a bit of Relicblade myself. Again though, you can see the inventive nature of the team coming through with the Kingdom Of Akahd and their quirky little goblin folk!

You've also got a whole bunch of additional options from Relicblade campaigns past and their expansive line of miniatures which are available via their webstore.

RelicBlade Add-Ons - Metal King Studio

But, that's not all. There are even more Add-Ons which got added into the mix as well. This is where you can alternative poses for some of the characters and the option to pick up some individual characters too.

RelicBlade More Add-Ons - Metal King Studio

There is a lot to dive into as part of this campaign so make sure to explore their Kickstarter in detail. As I've mentioned, the Relicblade world is one which is packed with interesting and diverse characters so it's well worth checking out if you want to look beyond the typical bounds of Fantasy.

What do you think?

"...the Relicblade world is one which is packed with interesting and diverse characters"

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