Reward Your Heroes With Campaign Medals From Ancient Lair

October 1, 2019 by brennon

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Ancient Lair is on Kickstarter right now looking to fund the creation of some rather special looking Campaign Medals which you can use to motivate your Dungeons & Dragons players. These would be a great reward for a group which has managed to best some of the challenging campaigns out there for 5th Edition.

Campaign Medals #1 - Ancient Lair

The models currently in their collection have been designed as a reward for beating campaigns like Rise Of Tiamat, Curse Of Strahd, Storm King's Thunder and Out Of The Abyss. They would be a pretty cool present to give your group once they've beaten the final boss and come out the other end alive!

Campaign Medals #2 - Ancient Lair

Options-wise you can either plump for the medals in a range of materials and finishes like Gold Shaded, Gold Plated, Shaded Pewter, Bronze Plated, Antique Pewter, Polished Pewter, Nickel Plated PLUS you can also get them in resin if you like or as STL Files for you to print off at home.

The folks at Craftworld Studios have also announced that they will also paint a limited number of resin medals from the Kickstarter which is kinda cool!

Painted Medal - Ancient Lair

A supplement has also been worked on for the campaign by the team which can give you an in-world use for these campaign medals as part of The Binding Stones.

The Binding Stones - Ancient Lair

Here's some more about this adventure by Chris Walz which is available at all pledge levels...

"These stones will come with full background, magic item stats, history, people, places and adventure hooks for players to find these mystical items. It will put the Campaign Medals at the heart of your adventures! "

This is all very cool stuff indeed and in a world where we're getting bespoke dice boxes, dice forge in blacksmith's forges and amazing books and folios for keeping your characters up to date it seems apt that you'd also have some fantastic reward for your players at the end of a long-fought campaign.

What do you think of the idea?

" seems apt that you'd also have some fantastic reward for your players at the end of a long-fought campaign"

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