Star Schlock Brings Retro Sci-Fi To The Tabletop On Kickstarter

July 21, 2023 by brennon

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If you've ever wanted to recreate the awesome Sci-Fi TV shows and movies from the 60s, 70s and 80s then you might want to take a peek at Wunkay's Star Schlock which is now on Kickstarter. They are looking to fund their awesome Battle Game Starter Set which is designed to get you going with this ray gun set to nostalgia.

Star Schlock Battle Game & Miniatures - Wunkay

Star Schlock Battle Game & Miniatures // Wunkay

Star Schlock already has a range of miniatures, rules and more available for you to dive into but if you've never heard of it before, this campaign is going to be a great starting point. You can get all of the Star Schlock goodness in one place where the Explorers Corp gets put up against the Space Apes of the Galactic Simian Kingdom.

The Starter Set gives you a good handful of miniatures so that two players can get started with the game. You get Captain Kurt and his crew alongside a deadly band of Gorilla Grunts led by an Ape Officer. You also get all of the bits and pieces you need to play including themed tokens, dice, information cards and more.

Star Schlock Battle Game Starter Set - Wunkay

Star Schlock Battle Game - Starter Set // Wunkay

Gameplay-wise, Star Schlock can be played with just two people or you can go all the way and get six people involved in a big game at the tabletop. That means that games play with as few as six miniatures all the way up to thirty. The mechanics are driven by a card-based initiative system and then combat is resolved by unique dice (see above) which make your successes and failures easy to see on the tabletop without much back and forth between books and cards. Additionally, this makes it great for those wanting to dive into wargames for the first time.

If you're interested in the rules and learning more, you can pick up a quick guide in PDF form HERE. The training manual gives you a good grounding in the rules!

Star Schlock Stretch Goals

As well as that core Starter Set product, the team are also looking to produce a load of additional 28mm metal miniatures for the range. They have been introduced as Add-Ons as well as loads of Stretch Goals that have been added into the mix.

Star Schlock Battle Game Stretch Goals - Wunkay

Star Schlock Battle Game - Stretch Goals // Wunkay

It's great to see that the Mutant Gorilla known as Mongo-Rilla is getting added into the mix for a bunch of folks. Gerry was even able to work out what old Sci-Fi movie that has come from! It is well worth looking at what else is available for you to tag onto your pledge as there are some absolutely stunning miniatures available.

Make sure to check out the Kickstarter for more information. You also really need to check out the trailer they have at the top of the Kickstarter Page as it's amazing.

Will you be diving into Star Schlock?

"...there are some absolutely stunning miniatures available"

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