Mantic Confirm their Dungeon Boardgame

February 1, 2011 by beerogre

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So... it looks like Warren had it right!

After a quick call to Ronnie from Mantic Games, he has just confirmed the release of the first installment of the Mantic Dungeon Boardgame... Dwarf King's Hold: Undead Rising

The game will include printed dungeon tiles, a slew of Mantic's plastic miniatures and all the things you'll need for an evenings dungeon-bashing with your mates.

This first installment of the game will feature Mantic's Dwarf and Undead range. The stalwart Dwarves will be bringing their big hammers, while the sinister necromatic forces will be able to regenerate their losses and suck the life out of our diminutive hereos with their vampric magic.

But that's not all we've heard...

The next installment of the game will feature the Elves and Dwarves and it's been titled "Ancient Grudge", this game will feature updated rules for ranged attacks and or course how to integrate the Elven host into your game.

This second set will be self contained or you can add it to your Undead Rising set, to make an even bigger dungeon, for twice the fun and perhaps even a three-way dungeon rumble!

Finally, there were some whispered references to the third game in the series... a game with a working title of "Green Tide"... that's right guys!


Ronnie mentioned that this game [might] include rules for warmachines, but details are being kept under wraps while the contents of the game are finalised.

So what do you think guys, are you getting as excited as us?

We've already placed our pre-order and are eagerly waiting by the letterbox for March.

If you fancy getting a pre-order too, Wayland Games are offering the Dwarf King's Hold for £31.00!

Interest is expected to be high, so get in early and follow along with us when we film our review of the new set.

BoW Andy

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