Mantic Games Raise Up The Empire Of Dust For Kings Of War!

June 14, 2022 by brennon

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Mantic Games is looking to reinvigorate their undead for Kings Of War with a brand new host of 28mm plastic miniatures for the Empire Of Dust. Conquer all of Pannithor by summoning faithful servants from ancient tombs.

Skeleton Phalanx - Mantic Games

Skeleton Phalanx // Mantic Games

At the heart of this new set of releases are some new hard plastic kits that allow you to build some awesome undead warriors. Ranks and ranks of heavily armoured Skeleton Warriors are on the way armed with spears (as seen above) and swords.

You'll even have options to arm your Skeletons with bows and turn them into archers, raining down barbed shafts on your enemies from above.

Skeleton Archers - Mantic Games

Skeleton Archers // Mantic Games

The Skeleton kit looks like it will have a bunch of good options for people to snap up and use to form the core of their Empire Of Dust army. I do like that there is a good mix of cloth and such in there alongside the armour, giving you the chance to play around with different textures when painting.

The hard plastic models don't stop there with the introduction of the Revenant Cavalry, thundering across the battlefield at the behest of their masters.

Revenant Cavalry - Mantic Games

Revenant Cavalry // Mantic Games

I really like the death masks that each of them are wearing, marking them out as more important members of an ancient society. I also like the smash half masks that a few of them are wearing, showing off the withered flesh beneath!

As well as the new hard plastic models, the range is also bolstered by some resin miniatures as well. You can lead your forces into battle with the Cursed High Priest for example.

Cursed High Priest - Mantic Games

Cursed High Priest // Mantic Games

A great-looking new miniature! Again, I think the death mask really sells the eerie nature of this particular miniature. I also appreciate that the skeletal horse is mostly covered up, meaning that it doesn't look quite so odd.

More options are in the mix as specialists too. You might want to call on the might of your Enslaved Guardians that once protected the tombs of the high and mighty.

Enslaved Guardians - Mantic Games

Enslaved Guardians // Mantic Games

These miniatures, alongside the Balefire Catapult, are already available over on the Mantic Games webstore for you to go and take a peek at if you fancy. There are a few more options popping up soon for pre-order which you can check out over on Facebook!

Getting Started With The Empire Of Dust

If you're looking to get started with the Empire Of Dust then Mantic are going to offer up a couple of army bundles. You could go with the regular ol' Empire Of Dust Army...

Empire Of Dust Army - Mantic Games

Empire Of Dust Army // Mantic Games

...or you can take things to the next level and go for the Mega Army that comes with those additional resin miniatures. Both would be great options for those wanting to get started with this army in Kings Of War.

Empire Of Dust Mega Army - Mantic Games

Empire Of Dust Mega Army // Mantic Games

So, are you won over by the Empire Of Dust? Are you going to be snapping up these undead warriors for use in your battles across Pannithor? Drop your thoughts on the army down below, especially when it comes to those plastic kits.

Are the Empire Of Dust for you?

"Are you going to be snapping up these undead warriors for use in your battles across Pannithor?"

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