Mighty Creations Join Kings Of War’s Empire Of Dust Soon

July 1, 2022 by brennon

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Mantic Games has previewed a few more new releases for the brand new Empire Of Dust army coming to Pannithor and Kings Of War. Some awesome 28mm Fantasy miniatures are on the way that are going to tower over normal warriors.

Idol of Shobik - Kings Of War

Idol Of Shobik // Kings Of War

One of these miniatures (or megatures) is the Idol Of Shobik that is going to be stomping forth from some unearthed tomb. I think the sculptors at Mantic always do a sterling job with their larger miniatures and this is no different. I love the stone detail that makes this feel like a creaking, ancient creation. This is made even better with the hieroglyphics and such worked into the stone ring on the idol's back.

The second of the larger miniatures is the towering Monolith. Gerry is going to be very happy that Mantic went with the burning and crackling version that is barely containing its magical might.

Monolith - Kings Of War

Monolith // Kings Of War

I would think that this is going to be a pretty awesome addition to any Empire Of Dust army but would also serve as a good terrain piece if you weren't playing as this army. Again, another impressive miniature that would be really good fun to paint with plenty of wet blending and glow effects.

If you want to check out some of the other Empire Of Dust miniatures then you can look back at the previous previews HERE. But, another of the new miniature sets includes the thundering Chariots.

Chariots - Kings Of War

Chariots // Kings Of War

The Empire Of Dust have really had quite the glow-up when it comes to their range. It's nice to see another faction get a lot of care and attention. It would be neat to see if some of the oldest armies in the range get updated in the near future. I know a lot of folks would love to see the Elves updated and I would like to see the Dwarfs tweaked a little.

Are you going to be picking up this army of the dead?

"One of these miniatures (or megatures) is the Idol Of Shobik that is going to be stomping forth from some unearthed tomb..."

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