Knight Models Release Lots Of Batty & Potter Goodies For Black Friday

November 28, 2019 by brennon

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Knight Models has been showing off some of the new and returning options for you to pick up from them for Black Friday. We're going to start with Batman and DC since that has been quite a heavy focus for them over the last couple of weeks.

Bane - Knight Models

Yep, this fellow is leading the way into the awesomeness for Black Friday for the Batman Miniatures Game. This is a version of Bane from the New 52 selection where he actually dons the Bat Suit and starts sorting out lots of the other villains who are wandering and plotting throughout the streets of Gotham. Whilst donning the bat symbol doesn't make him Batman it certainly gives you an edge when trying to take control of Gotham.

Talking of alternative Batmen there's also a selection of different takes on the Caped Crusader for you to choose from either individually or bundled together this weekend.

Batman Black Friday Exclusives - Knight Models

Here you can choose from some different versions of Batman including Gaslight Batman, Batmite, Knightmare Batman, Batman of Zur En Arrh and finally Bruce Wayne who is filling out that tuxedo rather well.

I particularly like the model for Gaslight Batman, drawing him into a Steampunk-esque Victorian version of Gotham. I love twists like this when we see superheroes going back in time in different ways. I feel the same way about the likes of Spider-Man Noir!

Potterverse Goodies

On the Harry Potter side of things, we're also seeing them release a special model for Black Friday. This time around they've done some sterling work on the Boggart Closet and the form it shifted into when confronted by Longbottom.

Boggart Closet - Knight Models

This is a nice little miniature for those who want to add to their Harry Potter collection and continue building up this cast of characters. It is also a nice little nod to the late Alan Rickman who played the character in the Harry Potter films.

You can also pick up all sorts of models in limited edition form over the weekend...

Harry Potter Black Friday Exclusives - Knight Models

So, here you have Harry carrying the Tri-Wizard Cup, Olivander, Sirius Black, a Gringotts Goblin and finally Gnarlak who completes the collection. Much like with the Batman range, all of these models are available separately as well as in a bundle.

What are you tempted by from their Black Friday collection?

"Much like with the Batman range, all of these models are available separately as well as in a bundle..."

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