Knight Models Ally With Grindelwald & His Followers

May 20, 2019 by brennon

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Knight Models has released a whole bunch of new models for both their Batman/DC Miniatures Game and also the Harry Potter Adventure Game. First up we're looking at Grindelwald himself, the big bad of the new movies.

Grindelwald - Knight Models

Grindelwald himself is presented summoning up dark magics and he's a pretty good likeness of the actual actor I'd say. Much like with Dumbledore and Voldemort they've created a model which is exceptionally over the top and more diorama than gaming miniature, although I'm sure you could tweak things.

In a similar style, we also have the Credence Barebone model which shows him embracing his Obscurial powers.

Credence Barebones - Knight Models

We've heard conflicting information about the miniatures coming out of Knight Models for their various ranges. On the one hand, we're hearing that the miniatures are looking superb and they are fun to paint, and in other cases, we've heard that the resin just isn't matching up.

With that being said it would be really good to hear what you in the community have seen/heard about the range as it would be good to get an idea of just what Knight Models have been putting out for those interested in their games.

The previews we get from Knight Models are certainly looking good though and it's good to see more of the cast coming to life from the films, for example here with Grindelwald's Followers.

Grindelwald's Follower - Knight Models

If you're one of those people getting into the idea of Harry Potter role-playing using something like Tales From The Loop then you could use a lot of these miniatures to help make your stories pop. Just do some alternative paint schemes and maybe a bit of kitbashing and you could make your own Potterverse heroes.

Jared's Joker & Teen Titans

As well as the additional new releases for the world of Potter we also have Jared Leto's version of The Joker in miniature form alongside some of his cronies.

Joker's Crew - Knight Models

If you're then looking for a crew to go up against Jared Leto and his crew then there's also the new Teen Titans Bat-Box which comes with what you need to get started in the game.

Teen Titans Batbox - Knight Models

There are quite a few characters in this set so it's perfect for those that want to mix and match their crew between games. Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Wonder Girl and a host of animals are ready for use.

Wildcat Warrior

Last but not least we have King...I mean Bronze Tiger, a new single addition to the Knight Models collection.

Bronze Tiger - Knight Models

Fighting on both sides of the law as part of the League Of Assassins and the Suicide Squad, Bronze Tiger is one of the world's greatest martial artists in the DC universe.

This model comes with an alternative head too if you're not feeling the Tiger look.

What do you make of the new miniatures from the team at Knight Models?

" would be really good to hear what you in the community have seen/heard about the range"

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