See The Expanding Kromlech Historical Range With Polish Soldiers

November 16, 2018 by brennon

Kromlech is well known for their Orcs but they also produce an awesome collection of Historical miniatures too. You can check it all out on their new webstore which focuses in on, currently, their Polish World War II releases.

Squad #1 - Kromlech Historical

The team has created some great looking sets which feature some Polish Infantry Squads as well as support for them with additional weapons too.

Squad #2 - Kromlech Historical

As mentioned above, the infantry teams can be supported by some Medium Mortar teams and Machine Gun Squads too.

Medium Mortar & Machine Gun - Kromlech Historical

Leading the way you can also get yourselves some awesome HQ units too. All of these are great for adding to an army which maybe gets forgotten when it comes to World War II. The Polish army fought hard and fought well during the war.

Polish Army HQ - Kromlech Historical

It isn't just the regular troops that get added into the mix with this range either as they also have their eye on some vehicles too. For example, we have this TKS Tankette.

TKS Tankette - Kromlech Historical

All of this comes together into producing a range which is well worth delving into and exploring in more detail. We hope that they're going to step beyond the Polish and add in units for the other forces during World War II as well as perhaps looking to additional periods too.

Scene - Kromlech Historical

What do you think of the range that Kromlech has been working on?

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"What do you think of the range that Kromlech has been working on?"

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