Forge World Reveals New Thorin’s Company, Dwarves & Bard’s Family Models

May 29, 2017 by brennon

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Forge World was showing off all manner of interesting miniatures at Warhammer Fest over the weekend but I was surprised to see some more for The Hobbit: Strategy Battle Game. Here we have an alternative Thorin's Company that until now was hidden away in some images inside the rulebook...

Thorins Company Alt #1

The new set of models gives you Thorin and his fellow Dwarves in alternative battle poses, ready to get stuck into whatever foes are hunting them down on the road to Erebor.

Thorins Company Alt #2

Each of the miniatures will no doubt be available in resin for this collection. I actually really liked the original set of Dwarves that you got in the Goblin Town set in plastic but these would be good for some alternative objectives and scenarios.

Thorins Company Alt #3

Each of them is looking rather fetching but I think that Gloin really does look rather awesome in the second picture above with his twin axes.

Bard's Family

They also showed off the new sculpts for Bard's Family which include Bain, Sigrid & Tilda here.

Bard's Family

They appear to have been sculpted as if from the scenes in the ruins of Dale or potentially their flight from Smaug in Lake Town. The style of the sculpting is very similar to some we've seen from the Blood Bowl range which is fine but it does seem a bit at odds to the existing Middle-Earth range.

More Dwarves!

You can't really have enough Dwarves to be honest. So, Forge World are working on these Iron Hills Crossbowmen to add some ranged support to your army under Dain.

Dwarves With Crossbows

Now those are some very strange crossbows. It certainly matches with the more technical side of the Iron Hills Dwarves in the movies but I preferred them armed with regular bows like you saw with Murin & Drar and the regular Dwarf Warriors.

I know that it is traditional for Dwarves to have crossbows nowadays but I liked them being a bit more nimble.

What do you think of these upcoming releases?

"The new set of models gives you Thorin and his fellow Dwarves in alternative battle poses..."

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