The Explorer’s Society & Neverborn! Wyrd Games’ Releases For March

March 5, 2021 by fcostin

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Wyrd Games have lots of new weird and wonderful miniatures coming for Malifaux this March. Explorer's Society miniatures are now in full swing, with continuous releases of aristocrats, dark tourists, and pioneers alike, and this month's releases  - they are taking over! Ten Thunders and Neverborn have new recruits too, so what can we see this month through the breach?

English Ivan Core Box // Malifaux

The Core Box this month for Malifaux is for the Explorer's Society Faction. English Ivan is a strong and powerful summoner. Taking shadows from his enemies to become pawns in his own game, and certainly does not fear a threatening mission! Joining him are Gibson DeWalt, Eva Havenhand, Mr Mandrake and Daeva (3).

Dirty Work // Malifaux

More recruits for your Explorer's Society crew, with Corvis Rook and two Operatives, which crossover with DUA and Syndicate.

Sand Worm // Malifaux

The final release for the Explorer's Society this month is the Sand Worm. These creatures are massive and are quite the predator as they hunt for their prey across the Badlands.

Razorspine Rattlers // Malifaux

There are two new releases coming for the Neverborn this month. Starting with the Razorspine Rattlers, these common predators are known to be luring in the Malifaux's swamps and bayous. Resembling a giant Earthside Cobra - they use their venom against their foes for a deadly advantage.

Corrupted Hounds // Malifaux

These hounds are no force to be reckoned with! With speed and wit, with four Corrupted Hounds, your Neverborn Crew will have back-up that can cause signifant annoyance and damage to your enemies.

Silent Strike // Malifaux

The final release for the month of March coming from Malifaux is the Silent Strike box, containing The Lone Swordman and three Samurai. The Lone Swordman's versatility will allow him to slot in to your crew with ease. So if you are looking for some quick-hitters to add to your Ten Thunders crew this month, these may be the new miniatures for you.

What are you most looking forward to this month from Malifaux? 

"Wyrd Games have lots of new weird and wonderful miniatures coming for Malifaux this March..."

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