Flame On With Malifaux’s New Burning Bridges Box

May 13, 2019 by brennon

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Malifaux 3rd Edition is just around the corner and Wyrd Games previewed one of the Box Sets which is going to be available at launch. Burning Bridges brings fire to the tabletop!

Malifaux Burning Bridges - Wyrd Games

If you like setting things on fire and introducing a level of pain to your foes that they've never experienced before then this is most likely going to be the set for you. All of the models, whilst still in render form, do look rather good and in-line with their amazing artwork which you'll have seen on the front.

Malifaux Burning Bridges (Back) - Wyrd Games

It's also neat to see The Arcanists of Malifaux using fire as their main form of destruction, something which was previously really the domain of The Guild. Fire and Mages have always been a fun combination and no doubt we're going to see a lot of folks enjoying this set when the game's new edition launches.

I still wish that Wyrd would pay a studio painter to work on the models for the back of these boxes though!

What do you reckon to these fiery individuals?

"What do you reckon to these fiery individuals?"

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