The Wyrd Games Easter Sale Is Live Packed With Malifaux & More!

April 1, 2021 by fcostin

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The Wyrd Games Easter Sale has been switched on from now until April 9th 2020, and for those of you who are not aware, these sales are very special! I have been refreshing my page all day to see what kind of goodies are up online.

Nightmare Edition - Malifaux 1988 - Gumdrop (Mei Feng) // Malifaux

Once, maybe twice a year (usually Easter and Black Friday). Wyrd hosts an incredible sale for Malifaux players to get hold of those alt minis they have been desperate to get their hands on. Myself, I was in hope that the 'Bear-ly Together' set would be available because an amalgamation of both cute and gory is right up my street!

But whilst I was in conversation with Justin, Ben and Gerry - the sale went live and we were all blown away by the 'Special Editions' section and all the awesome models that you just can't get hold of for the rest of the year.

Although there are a ton of miniatures that are available right now, I am going to highlight a few special edition crews that have really caught my eye, and certainly tempted my bank account!

Ten Thunders players will be delighted to know that the Mei Fen Core Box variant available in the sale. This Cyberpunk Alt Edition was seen for the first time in 2020, and has made its return for players to get their hands on it once more.

Unicorn Vomit & Pixie Farts // Malifaux

Oh the whimsy, it is too adorable for my little eyes. The bright colours and the sinister horror! These miniatures were initially out in a Wyrd Games Black Friday Sale in 2018, and they have consistently returned to tempt all Malifaux players at every sale.

Nightmare Edition - Brine and Bones - Mary Bonnet (Molly) // Malifaux

The Brine and Bones pirate-themed Molly Core Box alt set was a Gen Con special edition, and it has returned to the store to tempt Malifaux players once more. This was the first Nightmare Box for 3E, and has and a crew unlike no other.

Malifaux // Wyrd Games

Don't forget to check out the sale on the Wyrd Store to get your hands on some pretty awesome alternative miniatures! And if you spend over $100, you will be able to get your hands on the two 2021 Easter miniatures, Eggapult and the Daredeviled Egg - which will disappear once again on April 9th.

Did I purchase the Bear-ly Together minis? Yes. Did I buy anything else? I did, Mis Ery has replaced my Teddy mini (which I haven't even painted yet... hoarding is beginning to be a problem). And lastly, do I still want more... of course, I do. I just need to keep me off the sale to stop myself from buying any more! Regardless of how tempting it is.

Are you tempted by any miniatures in the Wyrd Easter Sale?

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