Wyrd Games Tease Malifaux Witches & Woes For Autumn Time

August 7, 2020 by brennon

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Wyrd Games has previewed a new kit which is going to be coming out in October and November for Malifaux fans. If you wanted to pencil in a gift for Halloween now then maybe consider Witches & Woes!

Witches & Woes - Malifaux

Witches & Woes // Malifaux

This set is their Rotten Harvest Special Edition for use in Malifaux 3rd Edition and comes with a new version of Pandora plus a band of Sorrows and a Poltergeist too. The big thing about this set is that the miniatures are pre-assembled!

Witches & Woes Rear - Malifaux

Witches & Woes Miniatures // Malifaux

This is seriously cool and I love that the set is going to be pre-assembled. This means you can just crack these miniatures out and get painting. Malifaux miniatures do have a notoriety for being a bit fiddly to put together so removing that element with these special miniatures means you can just get to the business of painting and gaming.

Are you going to be picking these up in October/November?

"Are you going to be picking these up in October/November?"

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