Wyrd Show Off New Creepy Crews For The World Of Malifaux

December 18, 2019 by brennon

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Wyrd Games has been showing off a bunch of new creepy crews for the world of Malifaux. These new releases popped up this month and offer you a selection of different characters and monsters for you to get stuck into and paint up.

Bring Out Yer Dead - Malifaux

Leading the way we have Bring Out Yer DeadHERE which is actually tied into an FLG promotion. You can find out more about that and see if this applies to your particular store. However, we also have loads of extra model kits for you to check out and here is a big rundown of all of them...

Crime & Punishment

Crime & Punishment - Malifaux

Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep - Malifaux

From Above

From Above - Malifaux


Hootenanny - Malifaux

Stitched & Sewn

Stitched & Sewen - Malifaux


Undertow - Malifaux

Wake The Dead

Wake The Dead - Malifaux

All of the characters are looking fantastic and the range continues to show off the brilliant sculpting prowess that Wyrd Games bring to the tabletop. I particularly like the fire and fury from the Wake The Dead set and the Stitched & Sewn set really offers up some strange and warped creations for you to play around with too.

This is a rather nice set of releases which you still might be able to get your hands on as the end of the year rolls around.

Which set do you like the most?

"...show off the brilliant sculpting prowess that Wyrd Games bring to the tabletop"

Supported by (Turn Off)

Supported by (Turn Off)

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