Wyrd Set To Burning Bridges For Malifaux 3rd Edition

May 10, 2019 by dracs

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Wyrd Games have previewed a new crew set coming to Malifaux at the launch of the game's third edition.

It's time to bathe in the glow of Burning Bridges.

The Burning Bridges crew is led by Elijah Borgmann, an anarchist from London who was touched by the power of the Burning Man. Realising he couldn't do much more to hurt the Guild where he was, Elijah gathered his followers and headed over to Malifaux, where he joined up with the Arcanists.

While the models look fantastic for this set, what really draws me to them is their backstory. Here, we see the connections between Malifaux and The Other Side come into play, which is something I hope we will see more of in the new edition.

Do you plan to burn the Guild to Ash, or will you fight to lock up these dangerous anarchists? 

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