Look Ahead To Wyrd’s June Releases For Malifaux

May 18, 2020 by brennon

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Wyrd Games has been showing off what they have coming for June and the world of Malifaux. I've picked out some of my favourites from their selection but you can find it all HERE so you can tell us what you have on your list.

Wong Core Box- Malifaux

We start with a selection of different Core Boxes for the world of Malifaux. As always, I love seeing the gremlins of Malifaux having fun and the Wong Core Box certainly offers that. Plenty of fun and interesting miniatures who are posed dynamically.

Additionally, on the Core Box front, we've also got the Misaki Core Box which goes in a slightly more serious direction. This is the great duality of Malifaux where it features both funny and grim options for players to get stuck into, each still following a similar design aesthetic.

Misaki Core Box - Malifaux

Descendants & Guardians is also a new Core Box which is coming in June but the rest of the releases allow you to add in new characters, monsters and more for a variety of different factions. You won't be wanting for fun miniatures to paint.

Things That Go Bump

Things That Go Bump - Malifaux


-5ec2853957a1c--5ec2853957a1dArachnophobia - Malifaux.png

Immortal Tricksters

-5ec2853c839d5--5ec2853c839d6Immortal Tricksters - Malifaux.jpg

My favourite set however from the recent crop isn't the one above (oddly) but actually Scoop. I always liked playing as the Guild in games of Malifaux and I love the story this set tells. You've got Allison Dade in the lead, looking to find out the truth, and flanked by her Undercover Reporter and Newsies. It's a great set that would be useful in Malifaux and Through The Breach.

-5ec285445d28d--5ec285445d28eScooped - Malifaux.jpg

There is plenty more for you to come and take a look at HERE over on their website. Every time I see these new models from Wyrd I get little pangs of guilt that I never played Malifaux more. It's such an inventive and different world which was always fun to play in.

Maybe I'll dig out my old Guild models and get cracking with the older edition of the game...

What do you think?

"Maybe I'll dig out my old Guild models and get cracking with the older edition of the game..."

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