Battle Through Things From The Basement’s Spanish Village

September 4, 2020 by brennon

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4Ground have joined forces with Things From The Basement to release expansions to their now full-colour Spanish Village terrain range starting with the Iglesia Santa Maria which would make an impressive centrepiece.

Iglesia Santa Maria - 4Ground

Iglesia Santa Maria // 4Ground & Things From The Basement

This is an impressive set which gives you the beautiful church that would be a nice place to hold up during an invasion. I like the idea of battling across the ground floor and then working your way up the steeple in order to get a bead on the enemy in the road below.

These new kits from 4Ground actually come with their Render Powder allowing you to get that fantastic Spanish look to the building design. In addition to the massive Iglesia Santa Maria you are also able to pick up a bunch of other releases including the likes of their Large Villiage Courtyard...

Large Villiage Courtyard - 4Ground

Large Villiage Courtyard // 4Ground & Things From The Basement

...which breaks down into smaller sections with walls, Fountain, Shrine and Well collection. All of this helps to add character to your gaming tables and give you some much needed cover!

Fountain - 4Ground

Fountain // 4Ground & Things From The Basement

This collection of terrain very much reminds me of the early levels in the Sniper Elite games where you're making your way through sun-baked streets on the hunt for the Axis. I think this could make for a really nice alternative urban setting rather than just battling through a standard Normandy town.

Well & Shrine - 4Ground

Well & Shrine // 4Ground & Things From The Basement

This is just a little bit of the collection from Things From The Basement and there is much more for you to delve into and check out HERE. If you're looking to play out battles on a different front then these are well worth investing in, especially now they're all coloured and come with that powder to create that unique effect.

Are you tempted to dive in and explore this terrain?

"I think this could make for a really nice alternative urban setting..."

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