Survive Black Hawk Down With Two New Giants In Miniature

April 1, 2020 by brennon

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Wargames Illustrated has added two new miniatures to their Giants In Miniature range. This time we're moving towards the Modern era and looking at Mogadishu and the Black Hawk Down scenario which famously got turned into a movie.

Black Hawk Down #1 - Wargames Illustrated

With this set, you get SFC Shughart and MSG Gordon who were two of the soldiers embroiled in the fighting during this tense operation.

"Mogadishu, October 1993. Two Special Forces snipers, SFC Shughart and MSG Gordon, have rappelled down to the crash site of a second Black Hawk helicopter, shot down by Somali militiamen. They come under sustained fire but the two soldiers traded shots with equal vigour. Ultimately the incoming heat is too much: Gordon goes down and Shughart gave his weapon to the surviving pilot, Michael Durant. Shugart maintains his fire for a few minutes more before he too was killed. The Militiamen moved in, killing the remaining crewmen except for Durant who was taken, prisoner. Gordon and Shughart each received a posthumous Medal of Honor for their heroism."

This gives you a little snapshot of this scenario and might prompt you to try and play this out on the tabletop to see if the result is any different. It's a sombre end for these two soldiers but maybe you can turn it around in your own games?

Black Hawk Down #2 - Wargames Illustrated

Whilst unwinnable situations are obviously no fun in real life they do give you some fascinating options for scenarios on the tabletop. Black Hawk Down gives you a very dynamic take on that where your soldiers are going up against seemingly endless amounts of militia storming towards the wreckage of the downed helicopter.

Much like with the movie which featured this desperate rescue attempt, you can learn a lot about battles and wars by playing them out on the tabletop. Are you tempted by these models or are you looking to other companies for Modern miniatures right now?

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"Are you tempted by these models or are you looking to other companies for Modern miniatures right now?"

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