Firelock & Phalanx Working On New Blood & Valor WWI Game

September 11, 2019 by brennon

Firelock Games, most well known for Blood & Plunder, and Phalanx Consortium are working together on a new range and rules for a World War I game called Blood & Valor.

Blood & Valor US - Firelock Games & The Phalanx Consortium

The game is slated for a December release with rules based on the mechanics for Blood & Plunder but with some obvious tweaks here and there of course to fit the new era of warfare. They are planning to bring out a set of models to go alongside it too with a focus on the US Army, Late-War Imperial German and Late-War French as Starter Boxes.

This does not mean that there won't be British and other forces also coming to the tabletop. The British are included in the main rulebook and whilst they have their own models in the works they are dedicated to allowing you to use whatever miniatures you have in your collection to play the game.

Blood & Valor Battle #1 - Firelock Games

It will be fascinating to see how the game plays but with Firelock working on this project you an assured that it's going to be good. Blood & Plunder is one of our favourite systems so seeing those key mechanics choices moving over into other games is great.

Blood & Valor Battle #2 - Firelock Games

It will be neat to also see the tweaks made to the system to make it work in WWI. Of course, not all of the fighting was done in trenches but it will be interesting to see what other elements of the battlefield generally affect your clashes on the tabletop; plus you have the introduction of early tanks and such too!

You can keep up-to-date with news on Blood & Valor through their Facebook Group and of course by keeping an eye on what we find out too.

Are you going to be keeping an eye out for this one?

"Are you going to be keeping an eye out for this one?"

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