A Gentleman’s War; A New Bolt Action Starter Set Coming Soon

July 21, 2022 by brennon

Warlord Games has been showing off a brand new Starter Set coming to Bolt Action very soon. A Gentleman’s War will take battles to North Africa and pits the British 8th Army (The Desert Rats) against the German Afrika Korps in a 28mm World War II scrap.

A Gentlemans War Starter Set - Bolt Action

A Gentleman's War Starter Set // Bolt Action

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The first side that we're going to be looking at from this set is the British. The 8th Army consisted of soldiers from right across the Commonwealth including New Zealanders, Australians, Indians and South Africans alongside the British.

A Gentlemans War British - Bolt Action

A Gentleman's War British // Bolt Action

At its core, there is a collection of twenty-four British Commonwealth Infantry. There are parts on here to make them as Indians or Scottish Highlanders as well as regular soldiers if you prefer. Weapon-wise, you are also able to throw in the faithful Lee-Enfield Rifles alongside Thompson Submachine Guns, Bren Light Machine Guns and Boys Anti-Tank Rifles. There is even more too!

This will also be the first time that you can get your hands on the Humber Mk II/IV Armoured Car plastic kit. Relatively well armoured and sporting a 15mm Besa Machine Gun, this is going to be a deadly addition to your British army. It can also be built as the Mk IV variant which was used in Europe and the Far East.

Going up against the British, we have the Afrika Korps. Under the command of the legendary Erwin Rommel, they were a force to be reckoned with. Battles across Egypt and Libya started to push both the Axis and the Allies to the brink.

A Gentlemans War Germans - Bolt Action

A Gentleman's War Germans // Bolt Action

Infantry-wise, you get a full Afrika Korps Infantry set. There are loads of load-out options for your squad to make use of including the Kar. 98k Rifle, MP 40 Submachine Gun, 5cm Light Mortar and more. I really like the addition of the bandanas over the faces of some of the soldiers to keep out the dust and sand. I think it gives these soldiers a proper veteran look as if they have been getting used to the African theatre of war.

This is also the first chance to get the new plastic Sd.Kfz 222/223 Armoured Car which was used for scouting and also as a radio car. The weaponry on the back could be used as a way to scythe down infantry but could also be ratcheted up so it could act as an anti-aircraft weapon as well. A rather helpful option for the Axis in the desert.

As a Starter Set, this also comes with a bunch of additional bits and pieces to get you going...

A Gentlemans War Starter Set Contents - Bolt Action

A Gentleman's War Starter Set Contents // Bolt Action

You get an A5 Rulebook, a Theatre Booklet that will guide you through your first games, templates, tokens, pin markers and dice. This seems like a really solid option for those looking to dive into playing out World War II battles in Bolt Action.

Are you tempted to pick this up?

"This seems like a really solid option for those looking to dive into playing out World War II battles in Bolt Action..."

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