Henry Turner Brings Warsaw Pact Infantry To Kickstarter

November 4, 2021 by brennon

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Henry Turner is on Kickstarter right now looking to fund Battleground 1983: The Warsaw Pact, a range of 3D Printable miniatures that you can use to represent soldiers of the period in scales from 10mm through to 28mm.

Battleground 1983 The Warsaw Pact - Henry Turner

Battleground 1983: The Warsaw Pact // Henry Turner

As you might have guessed, the miniatures here are designed to represent The Warsaw Pact on the tabletop and allow you to introduce some seriously hard as nails Soviets into the mix. There are loads and loads of different poses included as part of the Kickstarter package meaning that you can make a varied and unique force.

Soviet Infantry #1 - Henry Turner

Warsaw Pact Infantry // Henry Turner

The idea is that most of the figures will allow you to make a Soviet Motostrelki Company on the tabletop. The files also scale up nicely from 10mm through to 28mm but I think the sweet spot would be to print these at 15mm.

Soviet Infantry #2 - Henry Turner

Additional Stretch Goals on the project will introduce a few different variants on your infantry miniatures, vehicles, special weapon teams and more. With the project being successful, it seems like Turner is also going to follow this up with a set of NATO miniatures in the future too.

Soviet Infantry #3 - Henry Turner

If you're interested in trying out the miniatures before you pledge then Turner has also put together a set of FREE Miniatures which you can download and print off. So, if you're into this period and want to see whether or not it's worth printing them off, you now have no excuse!

Soviet Infantry #4 - Henry Turner

It is well worth heading on over to the Kickstarter project linked at the top of the page as there is loads of additional information on what they are seeking to achieve with the project. I hope we get to see the other side of the Cold War Gone Hot in the near future!

Are you tempted by these miniatures?

"I hope we get to see the other side of the Cold War Gone Hot in the near future!"

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