New Bolt Action Island Assault! Starter Set Pops You In The Pacific

April 28, 2021 by brennon

Warlord Games has put together a series of new releases and bundles for those diving into Bolt Action. Island Assault! is the new Starter Set that pits the Americans of the USMC against the Japanese across the various islands of the Pacific.

Island Assault Box - Bolt Action

Island Assault! // Bolt Action

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Whilst the Band Of Brothers Starter Set for Bolt Action is focused on the European theatre, the folks at Warlord Games want to give you access to the battles of the Pacific too. Within this set, you'll find all of the components and miniatures that you need to start playing as the United States Marine Corps or Japanese. At the core of this is the full Bolt Action 2nd Edition Rules as well as a scenario booklet that leads you through your first games.

Island Assault Books - Bolt Action

Island Assault! Books & Components // Bolt Action

As well as the books, dice and tokens, you'll also find two full armies which are ready to hit the beach time and time again. Both sides get access to plastic miniatures which can easily be assembled so you can get straight into the fighting.

Island Assault Miniatures - Bolt Action

Island Assault! Miniatures // Bolt Action

Both of the teams of infantry are also supported by armour. The Japanese have the Chi-Ha Tank whilst the Americans can use the M3A1 Half-Track. I really like that we've got the two contrasting elements of these armies on display. On the one hand, are the grizzled and no doubt beleaguered American soldiers and on the other, we have the suicidally brave Japanese.

The set also comes with a few terrain elements too. You'll be able to build a Pillbox and two Spiderholes which are exclusive to this set. Pre-orders of this set also come with the option to pick up the exclusive Cappy The Devil Dog metal miniature.

American Expansion Options

As well as the Island Assault! Starter Set, Warlord Games has also started taking pre-orders for a number of support boxes that can be used to expand upon your armies. The Americans get themselves the USMC Raider Squad for example.

USMC Raider Squad - Bolt Action

USMC Raider Squad // Bolt Action

The Raiders were assembled to match the Commandos of the British. The idea was that they were going to end up fighting behind enemy lines, disrupting their movements and taking out key objectives. Whilst they did find themselves deployed in that way, the realities of island warfare meant that they were more often than not fighting alongside the main bulk of an army.

If you want to pick up a range of different options for your USMC then you might like the Support Group.

USMC Support Group - Bolt Action

USMC Support Group // Bolt Action

This set comes with an Officer armed with SMG and Pistol and more. You've also got a Corpsman Medic, Medic With Stretcher, Radio Operator/Spotter, Medium Mortar Team and MMG Team. So, you can keep your lads going and support them with some covering fire too.

Japanese Expansion Options

The Japanese are equally outfitted with some specialised options. The first of these is the Teishin Shudan Paratrooper Squad.

Japanese Teishin Shudan Paratrooper Squad - Bolt Action

Japanese Teishin Shudan Paratrooper Squad // Bolt Action

Because of the success of German paratroopers during 1940, the Japanese decided to give it a go too. They were first deployed at the Battle Of Palambang in 1942 but the casualties were so high during the drop that the air force was discouraged from striking from the air again. Instead, these paratroopers found themselves fighting together as elite infantry deployed in the traditional manner.

They were still possessed of the fanatical will of other Japanese soldiers and this makes them a force to be reckoned with on the tabletop. Maybe keep them away from their parachutes though as it really doesn't seem to have gone well for them!

You can also bring in new commanders and support weapons from their own Japanese Support Group.

Japanese Support Group - Bolt Action

Japanese Support Group // Bolt Action

This set comes with two Officers armed with Pistols, a Kempei-tei with Pistol, a Medic, Radio Operator/Spotter, Medium Mortar Team and MMG Team. So, you have a similar setup to the American collection but with a few unique changes to suit their army.

If you're eager to dive into the Pacific theatre of World War II then Island Assault! looks like a good shout. You've got a little bit of time to wait until it's released (July) but that just means that you can practise your painting skills and build a table to suit them!

Are you tempted by the Island Assault! set?

"If you're eager to dive into the Pacific theatre of World War II then Island Assault! looks like a good shout..."

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