New Mediterranean Terrain Coming Soon From Sarissa!

February 19, 2021 by brennon

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Sarissa Precision is going to be releasing a massive range of new kits towards the end of February. The "Mediterranean" collection is going to be packed with over fifty building options which can be used to help transport your miniature wargames to warmer climes in 28mm.

Mediterranean Collection - Sarissa Precision

Mediterranean Collection // Sarissa Precision

There have been a number of new previews from the team at Sarissa Precision already. The first of these takes us to the Caribbean where you can see a harbourside which is packed with pirates and sailors. It very much looks like the kind of buildings that the European powers would have brought over and built in the new bustling ports that formed on those islands.

As well as heading over to the Americas, you've also got the opportunity to drop these terrain pieces into World War II games too. It would be great for representing the close streets of Italian cities as the Allies clash with beleaguered soldiers of the Axis.

Italy 1943 - Sarissa Precision

Italy 1943 // Sarissa Precision

As well as some of the larger buildings, Sarissa are also going to be working on some other kits too. One of these is this rather fun Fly Class River Boat!

Fly Class River Boat - Sarissa Precision

Fly Class River Boat // Sarissa Precision

Used during World War I, this ship comes with a couple of hefty guns which can be used to force the opponent away from your position. A simple boat but one which would be perfect for use in-game since there is plenty of room to stick miniatures. A very gameable piece!

Sarissa Precision is covering a lot of different time periods with this new Mediterranean range so it will be fun to see what else is revealed in February!

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"Sarissa Precision is covering a lot of different time periods with this new Mediterranean range..."

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