War Banner Team Up With Special Artizan For New Moderns Collection

January 10, 2019 by brennon

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War Banner has joined forces with Special Artizan Service Miniatures to create a new War Banner Modern collection. Tim Spakowski is joining their team and as well as the miniatures being available in the US there will be plenty of access to the range in the EU too.

Tora Bora Hunters - War Banner

Many will know from the coverage that Gianna has put out on the website that SASM have created a wide range of different soldiers for modern settings which you can see HERE, but going forward there will be a concerted effort to see new soldiers and more provided as part of organised projects.

Soldiers - War Banner

One of the cool additions to the range comes in the form of some new vehicles which are on the horizon as you'll see here...

Tilux - War Banner

...and as if that wasn't enough, the team at SASM and War Banner are also going to be working in conjunction with the wonderful folks at Sarissa Precision to do more on the terrain front too. For example, they previewed the work going into a CIA Compound which is just waiting to be raided.

CIA Compound - War Banner

With so many interesting modern warfare-era games out there it makes sense to bring a lot of these ranges to people, wherever they are in the world.

It will be fun to see where this collaboration takes us and hopefully you already have some ideas as to how you'd use a few of the previews we've seen here.

Have you been picking up miniatures from the SASM range?

"Have you been picking up miniatures from the SASM range?"

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Supported by (Turn Off)